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  1. Chris Oviatt - Utah 5 60-70 rounds per year I usually buy them at the local golf shop.
  2. I agree with everyone who said to get fit because that is the best way to get what is right for you. Also when you get a set up that feels good, get the CPM numbers, shaft length, swing weight and stuff like that so down the road you can get a similar set up with other shafts, or at least have a starting point. One thing that I have noticed is no matter what manufacturer you go with every shaft comes in just a little bit different then the other. It seems like the higher end brands have tighter gaps but they still all differ. I'm probably too picky when it comes to my driver shafts because I'm not a good enough golfer to be able to tell but at least in my head I think it's the set up I need.
  3. I have Wilson Staff fg tour tc wedges in the satin finish.
  4. I'm wanting a raw look to my wedges....any suggestions on how I can make this happen?
  5. The Wilson Staff M3 is the loudest driver I've ever heard. Almost like the callaway FT-I
  6. Yeah for how small of an area it is we have some great golf courses here in the area. I wish we had a little more diversity in courses though. Desert golf is fun but I want some trees!
  7. I was surprised to see the Vapor numbers low in that test as well. When I get in the simulator they seem to be good for me. Especially the spin rate. I'm 99% sure I'm going to pull the trigger on the Vapor Pro. Still not sure what shaft I want to get in it. But with Wilson possibly realeasing their new driver this fall or spring I'm torn.
  8. I have used Golfshot Pro in the past. It has been my favorite app for my phone. I don't use it for the gps anymore but it it a pretty useful app for the price. I will log my scores into just to have something to track my scores.
  9. Looking at your signature I see you share my same thoughts on golf clubs...have you hit the Tour 100's? They are by far the best and pure feeling irons I've ever hit. I was nervous at first for mishits...I thought they would just hurt and sting my hands but they don't! Or at least not like I thought they would. I love love love them and hope more people will give Wilson Staff a chance. They make good stuff (the best irons by a long shot in my opinion). I just got my D200 driver in but I also just had a new ACL put in so I'm out of the game for a bit. But I was curious on your thoughts with the Vapor Pro?? I've only hit it on the simulator but it feels soooooo good!
  10. While being in school I'm lucky enough to "work" at a golf shop. The biggest surprise to me has been the how far off (like variations in lie angle, loft, length, etc.) clubs can be straight from any major company. I've had guys order clubs 2* upright, and SOMETIMES the clubs will range from a few degrees flat to more upright than the customer wanted. So I always tell the guys that come in that really care about their specs to have the clubs checked just to make sure everything is correct.
  11. These are some of the best looking irons I have ever seen! I have the Wilson Staff Tour 100's and I'm not going to lie these make me a little jealous! Thanks for sharing.
  12. Someone tell Spieth now to not change his swing in the future. He's good where he is.
  13. The way Spieth is navigating the course and getting out of trouble today is ridiciulous!
  14. I don't see why Mike Davis is getting so much crap this week over how they have rotating par on holes. I think it adds just that extra little thought that the players have to think about. I just don't think the best players in the world will have to worry about hat too much.
  15. I'm interested in how your graphite design shaft plays in your driver? I'm considering trying out a graphite design shaft but I'm nervous switching away.
  16. Handicap: 7 Driver Swing Speed: 110 I would have to go with Paddy just because I'm younger and I never really got to see the other guys in their prime. Also he stayed with them even when they weren't a "major" brand.
  17. I would say drop one of the longer clubs you don't feel comfortable hitting and pick up another wedge. That's what I have recently done.
  18. How is that Tour AD shaft? I assume it's good but are they that much better than more reasonably priced shaft?
  19. The 8802 is on its way I think. Limited supplies are slowing down making its way into my bag. But I finally got a groove with my putter and might not switch immediately. I have my old 3 wood shaft that I was going to throw into the new head but this has clicked. Weird I know.
  20. I've been wanting to post for a while now but i wanted to wait until I had my irons. Well here it is.... Driver: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 8.5, Fujikura Rombax Z 7Z08 75X 3 Wood: Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 14.0, Aldila RIP Phenom 65S Irons: Wilson Staff FG Tour 100 3-PW KBS Tour V Stiff Wedges: Wilson Staff FG Tour TC 50, 54, 58 Putter: Scotty Cameron Select Golo 5 (Super Stroke 3.0) Bag: Wilson Staff Nexus Carry Bag So far I have loved every club that has a Wilson Staff logo on it. The Driver is deep off the sweet spot but definitely not the most forgiving with spin rates on mishits. I wish the new D200 wasn't so game improvement, but i might have to try it just to add forgiveness to by game. I haven't found a 3 wood that I like more than the M3. Usually the first thing I do after getting a new club is swap shafts, cut down, bend ect., but since i usually shank shots all over the course with 3 woods and this one I cut down on my shank numbers, I have left everything stock. I'm flirting with the idea of tipping it but nervous about throwing off the good ju-ju. The Tour 100's are probably above my skill level but I didn't know how long they would be around so I had to jump at the chance to get them. The wedges are good. Definitely a more firm feel than Vokey's and Cleveland's that I have previously used. I said I would never put a super stroke on my putter...and then one day it just happened...jury is still out. If you're looking for a great carry bag, get the nexus. I couldn't help but share this diamond in the rough I picked up the other day...the best part is I only paid $25 for it!
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