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  1. - Dustin - Bloomington, IN - 105 SS, 10HC - 13.5* 3-Wood, 19* hybrid Right Hand Thanks!
  2. When will the review come out? I need to stock up so I can lose them this summer.
  3. 1. Dustin, Indiana 2. 10 HC 107 SS 3. G400 Max and Cobra F9 4. Flash SubZero Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  4. Thanks all for the feedback and suggestions. I like the idea of a Forged Tec/CB combo set, something I might try to find. As for getting fitted, yes this would be the ideal way to go and something I say I am going to do every year, but never do. Maybe this year I will.....
  5. Not that I need to change....and not sure I really want to...but currently playing the Forged Tec Black irons and they have been incredible. The only issue I have is the size of them, they just seem too large for my liking. I'm a 10HC so I am not ready to jump into the players iron group yet as I still need some forgiveness. So with that being said, whats do you recommend from the "new" product lines?
  6. 1. Dustin Hayse, Bloomington Indiana (USA) 2. 10HC - 107 SS 3. Ping G400 Max/Cobra F9 4. G410 Plus (Head to head with my G400 Max) Thanks for the opportunity as always!
  7. Dang!! 1. Dustin - Bloomington, In 2. Driver : TM M3 8.5* Tour AD TP6x Fairway: Titleist 910Fd 15* Blueboard 70x Hybrid: Cobra FlyZ 19* Iron: Cobra BioCell+ DGS300 Pro Wedges: Vokey SM6 50/56 3. Handicap: 10 4. Simply to lower my handicap. Hovering around a 10 Handicap for several years now and after a disappointing 2017 season I am determined to make those improvements in 2018! Good luck to everyone applying! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Soooo when are the results being released? I am extremely excited for the results. I usually try not to let reviews sway me, however data doesn't lie so I will likely test out what the MSG has as the winners/top drivers. With that being said...I have a Rogue and M3 right now, haven't hit them much but both feel pretty sweet, but I predict the Mizzy ST-180 as the surprise winner this year.
  9. I really want to like the M3s but if history tells me anything then it won't be for me. I have never hit a TM driver well. F8+, Rogue, 400LST and Mizzy are all in play at this point...
  10. Appreciate the response. I hit the Epic all last year and while the distance was insane for me, I was just too inconsistent. I need forgivness first and foremost, but my spin numbers need to be down. Always been a big fan of Cobra drivers but haven't read much on the F8s. My misses are usually out towards the toe, in the past Cobras have always treated me right on those misses.
  11. Anyone hit this driver yet against some other 2017/2018 offerings that can provide me some feedback? Most of what I am reading makes me think this could be the sleeper (aka Srixon) of this years MGS test. I am currently driver-less and need one in the bag ASAP before I head out for a month long work rotation!
  12. So I decided against the 440...long story short, it was advertised with one shaft and when I got it, it wasn't the right one. So instead of fighting it is just returned it. Appreciate the feedback. While I want a smaller driver, I can't sacrifice the forgiveness. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. Instead of lurking, I decided to post! lol Last year was a terrible year for me on the course. Worse scores I have posted in 7-8 years (two kids under 3 is my excuse). I sold off my drivers and just recently snagged an M1 440 which hasn't arrived yet and one that I have never hit. I suck off the tee, but generally hit my fairways well, which got me thinking the smaller head might not be a bad thing to try. So those of you that have hit it, what are your overal impressions?
  14. Been called a lot of things, but never a lurker (until now). As bad as my game was last year I didn't figure anyone cared to hear about how many balls I hit OB, will start sharing that info now. No one wants to be a lurker...
  15. Haven't posted much lately as I have been so busy with things around the house that golf has been on the back burner...but after my round last Friday, I needed to vent! I have only played around 5-6 times this year, but I WAS playing as solid as ever. Well the wheels fell off Friday. My driver, which has been incredibly consistent, was miserable. Popped two up, didn't find a fairway all day. I hoseled 3 wedge shots and was duffing irons left and right. Shot a 44 - 43, which is actually much better than it should have been thanks to some putts that dropped. I am always amazed how my swing can just fall apart for an entire round. I can see screwing up a shot or two a round, but to be that off and feel that uncomfortable just drives me nuts!!!!!!!!!
  16. Age: 32 Swing Speed: 110 range Current Ball: Project A/Snell MTB Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  17. 1. Dustin from Bloomington, IN 2. 11 3. Callaway 816 DBD 4. 105 SS, 250-260ish carry 5. Henrik Stenson!
  18. Dustin H. Bloomington, IN 11 HC 716 AP2 RH Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  19. Handicap - 10 State/Province - Indiana Swing Speed - 110 mph Carry Distance - 260 yards Preference - Either; F7+ if I had to choose Thanks!
  20. Irons Overrated: PXG, $2000+ for a set of irons that I feel are no better than other tour irons out there. Underrated: Cobra, you will see this a lot. Drivers Overrated: Titleist. 95% of my bag is currently Titleist, but there drivers are so far behind basically every other brand yet they still carry that hefty price tag. Underrated: Cobra. Nearly every driver they make is gold, people around me still never play them! Absolute nonsense! FW/Hybrids Overrated: Callaway (Fairway). The last two years I have read the "expert" magazine reviews on these and I absolutely cannot get any performance out of them. Bought two, sold two. Underrated: Cobra/Nike. Not a Nike dude, but bought a Vapor Fly and Flex (2015) fairway and both feel incredible to me. I am sticking with my 910Fd and 915hd, but did love those Nike fairways. Wedges Overrated: Callaway PM. Looked just horrible, performed like crap for me. Underrated: Can I put Vokey? I am Vokey believer. They feel amazing for me. Expensive? Aboslutely. Balls Overrated: Recycled Balls....cop out a buddy bought some that looked like new ProV1s, we have split nearly all of them in half. Save your money, but new or used...not recycled Underrated: Snell, VICE. Doing a Snell review now and I love the MTB. Been gaming the Vice Pro/Pro+ and I am blow away.
  21. These babies are LONG! Comparing them to my Vice and Pro Vs, they are noticeably longer off the tee. Will cover that in my main review! So far I am loving them!
  22. Last 3 clubs...816 DBD, XR16 3-wood, SM6 Raw 62. The 816 DBD is incredible and a keeper for me. the XR16 is nice, but not going to kick the 910Fd out of the bag, it will be up for sale. The SM6 62 was a novelty, it is pretty sweet but need to gain confidence to hit it. I checked out a Sports Authority in Florida last week and it had 2 golf gloves...that was it for golf equipment.
  23. Don't blame him one bit. Not worth it. Like others have said, Rio is going to be a disaster...
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