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  1. 1. Brayson - Brighton, MI 2. Putting on the carpet. 3. None 4. Medium
  2. Brayson Michigan, US 12.6 Titleist 714 AP1s. DG300 Stiff i500 first choice
  3. I play around 15 rounds a year. Current handicap is 12.4. Rolling a Odyssey Ti-Hot #1.
  4. Your handicap 12 What grip you are currently playing Winn Dri Tac How often you regrip your clubs About every 18 months Why you would be an awesome grip tester I don't play with a glove, so I think I can offer a different viewpoint than most of the other testers. I'm also in pretty dire need of a re-grip, so would really be throwing me a bone, especially given my re-grip fund will be going to Uncle Sam next week Am also a SuperStroke user on the putter, so would love to complete the set. Lastly, living in Michigan, there's a chance I could put it through every element in a single range
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