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  1. I'm with the Judge. I LOVE the look of the Hogan irons but I can't give up my hybrids. But I really hope this Hogan line is successful. They just look so good and I want to make them my next set of irons.
  2. Kevin Illinois/Florida - Depends on the day. 95-100 mph Ping Anser, 10.5, Regular Flex, stock shaft or Taylor Made SLDR, 10.5, Regular Flex, stock shaft I have been looking at this driver and really want to give it a try.
  3. Your handicap: 15 What grip you are currently playing: Winn DriTacs How often you regrip your clubs: 2x a year. Why you would be an awesome grip tester: I just put the Winns on a set of clubs, and this would be a nice comparison to those grips. I cin rite purty good, but my wife sez that I have no sinse of humer. The only humerus thing is my backswing.
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