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  1. I just want to add something... Japanese products sold in Japan are really expensive becoz of their economic trade policies + Protectionism & ethnocentricism. In other words, if you buy a LCD TV in Japan, the LCD TV will cost higher in Japan than buying it overseas. I do not know why they are doing this but I remember after WWII, the Japanese government set these stringent tarriffs to prevent their people in spending and would rather let their people save money. So if we out this in Japanese golfing context, their Golf clubs are really very expensive vis-a-vis American made/brand golf clubs. While others do not mind paying for premium Japanese clubs like Honma Beres clubs, i am glad they do not short changed the buyers/ or end users in terms of quality. Unlike in China, the PROC people have a different way of doing business. Now to the questions, i guess what bothers me in Japanese made products are... It is expensive and may end up being a non-conforming clubs. I think it is such a waste of money when you thought you could show off your Golf toys to other people and couldn't because it is non-conforming. How sad
  2. I'm just wonderin to whom will Ping let their forged irons be made? I think it look pretty sleek, and if you got one, for sure, your one of the few who have that. They are like one of a kind golf clubs
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanna share how Himeji forges, Click Here
  4. I like how my old Cleveland Wedge 588 works But right now, I loved my New Carbon Steel wedges
  5. Butz

    Puma Buys Cobra!!

    I think Puma did the right thing in terms of buying Cobra from Acushnet. It will save them millions of $$$$ in terms of R & D. By buying Cobra, they can either create two brands, Cobra & Puma brand in Golf Equipment. A low end and high end golf equipment for anyone's budget.
  6. Yes I think so but in our country, the golf course fairway grass and greens varies a lot. Some of the golf courses use cow grass while others used Blue grass or Bermuda grass. So I kinda choose which Golf toys that are suitable in these golf courses. Specially when its rainy seasons, when the soil is soft. My MVG2 3wood cannot slide very well whereas my TaylorMade CGB Max 3wood slides so well even when the soil is watery. How i wish our country's weather is something similar to Singapore, less rain and mostly sunny days.
  7. Hey, for year 2010... My driver varies between: Callaway Hyper X Tour 9.5*/ Diablo 9*/ 2pc of Taylormade SuperQuad 9.5* ( Matrix ozik altus & Mitsubishi OEM Shaft) FW: R7 CGB Max or Mactec NVG2 Hybrid: Mactec UT 3/4 , Raylor 22* Irons: TM R7 XD or Callaway X-20 Tour Wedge: Pride 52*/ Cleveland CG12 DSG 52*/ Jaws 52*/ CG-12 58*/X-Forge C-Grind 58*/ SMT 58* Putter: Yes Hanna ( for slow green ) and Rife 2bar Mallet ( for fast green ) I keep this toys and choose which to use depending on the course I will be playing
  8. Hey everyone, I am using a Px 5.5 flighted shaft on my X-20 tour irons, I thought it would be cool to have a higher ball flight but am now kinda regretting it. So I just wanna if we could lower down the "Flight" of the ball? Would "hard stepping" it help?
  9. I think Callaway will be improving more of its club With Roger Cleveland on their side... I got a Jaws Gap wedge 52* which eats my golf balls... so I am reserving this club only on tournament.
  10. I hope TW will soon return and be hungrier than ever before and prove that he is a better Golfer than ever!
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