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  1. Tier 1: Rory McIlroy Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Charley Hoffman Tier 4: Ollie Schniederjans Tier 5: Shubankar Sharma Winning Score: -12 Low AM: +4
  2. Just recently bought tour edge hybrid because thread and now agree, very underrated. Best hybrid I have ever owned, which includes TM, Adams, and Titleist. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  3. Gary Virginia Titleist 913 D2. Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus Blue 62 Speed 110. Carry 265
  4. I accidentally bought 2 dozen of these in a store on a Pinehurst vacation January (just saw the chrome soft on sale and grabbed them, had no idea about truvis). When I pulled 2 sleeves out to put in my bag I was so upset, mainly because I knew the group I was with for the weekend was going to give me hell. That first round we were playing Pinehurst No. 2 and even the caddies gave me crap for then. I had a similar experience, however, when i piped my first drive and continued with my best ball striking day in a very long time (and the next day wasn't bad). There was also never any doubt which ball was mine when walking up on a group which I enjoyed. I do agree it may have helped my focus on the ball My putting though was awful the whole weekend and I found it distracting. I am not sure if the poor putting was because of the oddness of the balls appearance or just playing bad on tough greens, but it soured my experience on the balls either way. I have tried a few rounds with them at home and still like the ball striking aspect, but for some reason they still distract me on and around the greens when I am visualizing or focusing on the roll of the ball.
  5. Name: Gary State: Virginia Handicap: 12.8 Current Long iron/Hybrid: 4 iron TM Rocketbladez stock Stiff Steel. 3 hybrid TM SLDR-S Stiff stock (Fujikura Speeder 72) I have been very interested in this club since I first saw it on MGS months ago because I have never really liked the profile or feel of hybrids but recognize the benefit in them. I also tee off with 4i/3h on a lot of holes and this could be my go to for that. I hope this is the happy mix of long iron and hybrid I've wanted.
  6. Got the grip and put it on yesterday. Went out today and played. Sunk a 30 footer to save par on 2. Had 6 one putts in all and no 3 putts (which is great for me, although a lot of it came from missing greens all day and having to scramble). Definitely going to like it. I was playing with a fatso 5.0 and liked it over usual grips but lost some feel. Had been thinking about this size for some time because of that so this was a great content to win. Thanks again for the contest mgs and Superstroke! Will post a picture when I'm at a computer.
  7. I think you're right about the motives obviously. Looking back I probably misrepresented what i meant, my point was more why it works well for me and how I rationalize them, not so much the club makers reasons for jacking lofts. I agree with you about the extra wedges but I actually like that. I carry a 60 a 56 and a 52 in clevelands now (95, 112, 125 are the distances I love to see with each) as well as a 50 degree gap wedge rocketbladez (133) and the rocketbladez pw (147). Because of this I only carry through a 5 iron but I hit it as far as my old 3 iron and way more consistently so that's fine.
  8. I moved from some older (1999ish) Titleist (honestly don't know the model etc as I was given them in 2003 after my dad upgraded and loved them) to some taylormade rocketbladez recently. I know the lofts and lengths are jacked so a 7 iron is more of 6 or maybe even a 5 iron spec wise. But it is at least as easy to hit as my old 7 iron, goes higher and lands softer than my old 7 iron, and is easily 20 yards longer. It also is very confidence inspiring to pull a "Pw" on a 150 yd par 3 when your buddies have 8s and even longer. I think the new jacked lofts aren't so much fraudulent or a marketing gimmick as much as matching trajectories to make up for the game improvement technology. I can hit a 7 iron higher than anyone I play with even if mine is 30 degrees instead of 35, so I'm glad it's de-lofted some.
  9. Awesome. Thanks! I'll add pictures when I get it.
  10. I'll add a third to Tobacco Road. It's the hardest but also just about the most fun I've played. Have been trying to get to Tot Hill nearby as well but haven't yet.
  11. I have Directv and love the coverage they do after 3 pm but agree it would be nice to start tv coverage earlier. I'm not a huge fan of streaming but agree the amen corner is the best of those. Would love it if they even just showed those on TV.
  12. I picked up some Nicklaus blacks (although I probably should have played the blues based on tee box selection). I have played one round so far and was impressed. It felt great chipping and putting. I seemed to get an awful lot of wedge spin, having rolled back off the green twice, but that may be small sample size. I haven't played enough to really say anything definite about ball flight or distance but I played a good round with them and if that keeps up I'll be a customer.
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