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  1. Brian, Shawnee, KS 13 Hcp. Such a great opportunity! Custom fit Cleveland Launcher HB Driver,Fairway wood, and hybrid, plus Launcher CBX irons and CBX wedges, and even a new TFi 2135 putter, ( like the look of the 8.0.) Please choose me, this would be so awesome!
  2. Play 50-70 rounds per year pending weather... 9 Hcp Have been gaming Ping Ketsch (Original) w/ Superstroke SSR2 since summer of 2014 and have yet find something that out performs, but love the look of ER2 and would really like to try it w/ Forward Grip.
  3. Brian, Kansas, 9 Driver- Z565 or Z765 10.5* needs fitting like high launch, but not draw bias?... Fairway- ZF65 17* Hybrids- ZH65 19*, ZU65 23* Irons- Z565 5-AW RTX-3 TOUR SATIN 52* and 56* Putter- TFi2135 1.0 WOW! What a great opportunity to turn this pipe dream set into a fitted reality. Thanks MyGolfSpy!
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