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  1. Name: Scott State: Delaware HCP : 9.3 I use a set of Hogan FTX Apex 3-9 and use a 2 iron on certain courses so I'm comfortable with most all long irons. I'd really like to try the new series of iron just released!
  2. Scott Delaware Kevin Burns Tour classic I seem to miss more to the left
  3. scott stewart selbyville, delaware 9.3 hogan apex ftx stock steel shafts +1" length. 9 iron and 3 wedges same length with true temper spinner shafts in the 56 & 52 not custom fit
  4. my fitting results 22 26 30 34 38 42 46 50 54 58 length +1 standard lie, grip +1 shafts stiff, handicap 9 as long as I can remember I loved the look and feel of Hogan irons and I still play Hogan FTX irons and I hope these new irons will bring back a name that should always be in golf.
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