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  1. Brandon, WA I currently rotate Nike, Sun Ice, and Footjoy raincoats. Always use Mizuno rain pants.. they are pretty good. I live in Seattle, so I've played in some bad, steady rain. Bit Bandon Dunes deluge a few years back was the worst. This stuff will get a good test up here in the Pacific NW!
  2. Brandon, WA Ping Glide 50, 55, 60 My short game is above average for my handicap. I can get up and down from anywhere.. Distance control is a strength as well as some creative Phil-esque shotmaking keep me in matches. The occasional hosel rocket and bladed wedge get me but overall I have a good short game. Never hit the Hogan wedges, love to give them a go, I've hit all the other top end wedges. 12 handicap
  3. I'd love to give these a try up against my Modus! Looking for lower spin Brandon in Snoqualmie Ping I e1 Custom fit. Minus 1/4" Blue dot Stiff Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 7 iron carries 160
  4. 1. Brandon, WA ​2. Ping Ketsch 3. Yes 4. Ive tapped a few with the Queen B 9 before, that's the one, I would love to give it a good test for MGS!!
  5. Huge fan of KBS shafts! I'd love to put these through their paces all summer and fall here in the Seattle Area. - Brandon, Seattle, WA - Adams Proto 22 with Aldila Black stiff, Cobra F7 with Fujikara Pro Stiff - I probably need Stiff 85 gram in cobra, 85 or 95 gram in Adams. - I have good distance but tend to pull them into a bit of a hook, mores than any of my other clubs.
  6. 1. First name and home state or province: Brandon, WA 2. Current handicap: 9 3. Current driver and shaft combo: Great Big Bertha Alpha 815 Double Black Diamond - 60 Gram Stiff Aldila Rouge Silver. 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance: 105mph, Typical carry 255 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer: Probably Stuart Appleby, class act.
  7. Your first name: Brandon Your home state or province: WA Your current handicap: 9.1 Your current distance measuring method (laser, GPS or eyeball): Leupold GX Laser and Golf Shot iPhone app
  8. Brandon Snoqualmie, WA I spend a significant amount of time in the short game practice area at our course. Distance control is a strength thanks to the Pelz method!. Bunker play could use some fine tuning. I am gaming the original Glide wedges. I would love to put the new up against the old. Here's what I need: All 3 standard length, Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 shafts, Blue dot, New Decade MCC grip. 50 degree, Standard Sole - Custom Lob Combo Grind, 54 degree, bend it to 55, Standard Sole, Lob Combo Grind, 60 degree Thin Sole, Half Moon Grind, Looking forward to giving these a try!!! I's's send pics of how the custom grinds look, I have the Back/Heel grind on my current 50. The custom grind program at Ping is pretty awesome. They come out looking great! Thanks for your consideration!
  9. Brandon Snoqualmie WA 8.3 I currently use the game golf app to track, o don't have the belt attachment, just use my phone to tag every shot. I'd love to compare this to the manual tagging I've been using.
  10. Brandon Snoqualmie, WA Always golf season up here in Washington, windy and rainy but that makes for a good test. I use a Leupold GX-4i, it has slope and a fog mode. Also use GolfShot Pro on my iPhone.
  11. Brandon 60-75 rounds per year 8.3 index I currently use the Ping Ketsch - based on your previous reviews. I have a deep groove recalled model that I kept.. Love it. I also have a non recalled Ketch in my travel set. I've played them for a year and a half. I'm curious if the EVNRoll matches up.
  12. Brandon J Washington - I'll test it in the rain 8.4 index Really need a new Rangefinder after my golf bag was stolen, used to use the Leopold GX 4i.
  13. Brandon from Washington State I walk 60 rounds per year. My usual course is a heck of a hike, 8 miles with 1100 feet of vertical elevation per round. Check videos of the Boeing Classic Champions Tour event to see what I'm talking about, thats my local track... I have tortured my Clic Gear cart over the last couple years, with numerous spare parts replaced to show for it. I'll give this thing a real test, rain or shine... If I win, please include an umbrella holder... I'll include that in the review. Thanks!!!
  14. Brandon Washington 9 handicap 5 iron typically, but with my new Ping i irons I like the 4 iron again. I'd love to give the Hogan's a test!!!
  15. Your name and home state/province: Brandon J, WA Your handicap: 9.4 ​Your current driver/shaft: Callaway 815 GBB Double Black Diamond, Aldila Rogue Silver, Stiff. Your current driver swing speed: 105 mph
  16. Brandon J Snoqualmie Wa Currently playing the Ping I E1 irons, Nippon Modus 3 Tour 105 Shaft, Std Length, 1 degree upright. Stiff Flex They were custom fit for me by a great fitter in Palm Desert. 9.4 Index I play a couple times a week and have demo'd all the competitors clubs in the last few months. I'd love to put the King's up against my Ping's and see how they rate.
  17. Brandon Jacobson Washington Callaway GBB Double Black Diamond 9 degree I have 2 shafts: Aldila Rouge Silver 60g Stiff Fujikara Zeta Blue 60 g X-Stiff 105 swing speed Carries 255-265 I'm a great candidate to try this driver, I play a competing driver, hit it pretty far but not huge.. And am a 10 handicap.. Sign me up!!
  18. Brandon Washington Bettinardi Inovai Mallet MLA Tour XDream My miss is a little push to the right
  19. Brandon Washington 10 Currently playing an Adams Super 9031 Hybrid with a Diamana Black Stiff shaft. Looking to replace that club with something like the Ping Crossover 4 iron. Also play a Callaway XHot Pro Hybrid with Project X 6.0 Graphite shaft. Have access to Titleist, Taylor made hybrids as well for comparisons. My longest iron is a Ping i 5 iron with a stiff modus tour 105 shaft.
  20. Brandon in Snoqualmie, WA I have a collection of putters that I will put it up against: Scotty Cameron Notchback Ping Anser Milled Ping Anser 2 Never Compromise Anser copy Ping Ketsch Bettinardi Inova I'd love to give this baby a test!!
  21. Brandon Jacobson , Washington 10 80 Online and early season Pro Shop sale.
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