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  1. I have the Arccos system and as much as we put faith in their information, I have found that the sensors don't register all the time (I know where to place the phone) and I have to manually enter shots after every round. The club that doesn't register frequently is the putter therefore data on proximity would not be accurate. If I'm in the minority then my comments are irrelevant but if there is a significant number of us that experience the same problem then.......
  2. 1. Jeff - Toronto, Ontario 2. 14 3. RTX-3 CB TOUR SATIN WEDGE TFI 2135 SATIN - ELEVADO CB, O/S GRIP LAUNCHER HB DRIVER LAUNCHER HB FAIRWAY WOODS LAUNCHER HB HYBRID LAUNCHER CBX IRONS Current clubs Ping G400 driver TM R11 3 wood and rescue Callaway Apex Irons Putter Evenroll ER7
  3. Name: Jeff State: Toronto Curent Handicapp: 10.2 Have you ever gamed Wilson Irons: no Current Irons: Callaway Apex
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