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  1. Thanks for checking Josh, but same issue...52 and 60 in rh, all lofts in lh. Was one of the shops I emailed a while back hoping they had something laying around, but no dice.
  2. hi all I want to pick up a set of the Inazone Spin wedge heads. These have been discontinued, and Diamond Tour has LH in all lofts, but only 52/60 (no 56) in Raw in RH. No joy there. Saved search on ebay hasn't yielded much so far. Emailed a bunch of googled shops and generally had no replies or 'oh yeah, I should pull that product off my page' type replies. Still no joy. So, in the hope that some of you guys are club makers with some old inventory on the shelves, or hobbyists from the project they never got around to doing, does anyone have a set of these (or even a raw 56 and I
  3. Soo, at the risk of sounding like the guy who is dancing at a funeral, anyone know if there are run out sales on the wedges (or even just the heads)?
  4. Wow. Jason Day. Wow. I picked him to win a week ago, motivated partly out of Aussie pride and part because I figured growing up in Australia, he'd have played his share of hard baked, windy links courses...but this kind of grit and courage... Wow. Bring it home Jason! He'd have Norman in tears in that commentary booth if he did too.
  5. And this agreeing to disagree over the degree of the disagreement over the original degree agreement is why I think we can agree to not disagree that measuring this degree this would make an interesting topic. Agreed?
  6. I consider myself neither fan nor hater when it comes to Tiger, but that just hurt to watch. I live in Vietnam, so was watching the live streaming service where they follow one pair the whole way round. Caught virtually every stroke of his day. Ouch. It had that uncomfortable feeling I sometimes get while watching a bad stand up comic pause for laughter that isn't coming. Just awkward, uncomfortable, part sympathy part morbid curiosity.
  7. Not if you had gold plated Honma!
  8. Sounds like you are in Ohio. I know a custom maker there who could put together a set from Maltby or Hireko for great prices, have you custom fit from day 1...will pm you his contact.
  9. So what is the update here? Are the clubs in people's hands now? When will the reviews start appearing? Enquiring minds want to know!
  10. there are full bag Wilsons being cleared for 84 bucks now on Walmart online While I wouldn't doubt that a scratch/pro would still win, I guess what I was going for was this idea that people feel like they can 'buy' a game, and so it would be interesting to see if equipment could even serve to close the gap at all. Still, core idea still holds...do people play better with more better quality/more expensive equipment...don't mind if that's the same guy playing twice or two guys playing against each other, I just would like to see an Indians/Arrows piece, and seemingly the principle is i
  11. Another idea for a story...saw this one in the comments to the PXG thread, and do think it's a good idea. An Indians or Arrows shootout. Maybe take a club Pro, scratch handicapper or someone like that, and arm him with Walmart-full-set-clearance-rack-special clubs. Put him up against a (say) low teens handicapper armed with the latest/greatest/priciest/somethingest clubs we can find...maybe those PXGs, or even the Hogans that are being sent out as demo units for review at the moment. Be interesting to test how much of a difference the sticks make there. You could either make th
  12. Seems like this idea went over well. Should clarify a couple things: I don't lump components with clones, I'd actually like to see both pieces...clones vs originals (as done earlier), and components vs OEMs. And yes, I know there are a huge range of pricepoints in component land. For the record I have Maltby wedges and Wishon fairway in my bag, while the wife bags Maltby woods/hybrids, Wishon irons and Acer wedges...so, ya, span all the price points between us Re suggestion above about setting a ceiling price...I dunno, that would kind of benefit the cheaper heads, as a $25 head would then
  13. hey there guys Re-read your clone vs name brand piece recently, which got me thinking....I'd love to see you review some of the component manufacturers in the same way that you do the big brands. I guess - basically by definition - that is quite challenging (there's no stock anything to use as a baseline), but still, where there's a will there's a way I guess. Love to see Maltby, Hireko, Wishon, KZG, Alpha, Snake Eyes et al get put to the test and see how they stand up against the bigger names (and often bigger price tags) of the name brands. As a side note, would love to see
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