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  1. First Name: Ben Home State/Province/Country: Austin, TX Current Handicap: 13 Current Iron Set: Mizuno JPX-825
  2. • Ben from Austin, TX • 13 • Mizuno JPX-825/ True Temper S300 • Yes
  3. The online fitting process was really great. I thought it was very thorough and I really liked the breakdown of the my current set vs. what the Hogan set would be and what the different make-up would mean for my golf game. Current Handicap: 15 "Hogan" means quite a bit to me. Being from Texas and sharing a first name with him, Ben Hogan was someone whose amazing life story and golf legacy originally attracted me to the game of golf. I also use Ben Hogan as a source of hope because I too suffered a serious injury that kept me away from golf for a long time. When I think of "Hogan" I im
  4. 15 handicap Currently gaming Golf Pride New Decade Multi-Compound and Super Stroke Ultra Slim 1.0 on my putter I re-grip my clubs at least once a year or whenever I feel like I need to change up my mojo. I would be an awesome tester because I work at a golf resort where I am able to play just about everyday and really put the product through its paces. Plus I am a total golf fanatic/addict and will be sure to get it a thorough test.
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