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  1. Winning Score -11 Adam Hadwin
  2. Ryan New Jersey Taylor Made Tour Preferred CB KBS Tour 90 Stiff 170-175 yrds
  3. Ryan from New Jersey Ping G30 10.5* stock stiff shaft (non tour) 104 SS / 7.2 HCI ST-180 9.5* w/ Mitsubishi Tensei Blue Stiff
  4. 1. Ryan from the garden state (NJ) ​2. 7.2 HDCP : Driver SS = 117 3. Ping G30 10.5 4. G400 LST 10.0 Tour 65 Stiff
  5. Ryan New Jersey Evnroll ER2 34" O-works #1 wide 34" Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  6. Stage 3 I'm definitely going to stick with this Forward Putter grip. Overall it's hard to say that my putting has improved by it but I have already had two very good rounds with it in a short period of time ( I have not been able to play as much as normal since receiving this grip). As with other testers, my distance control has gotten better. It seems like I'm making better and more consistent contact with the ball, maybe a result in the Forward nature of the grip design. I look forward to playing with this next season, as my season in the Northeast is pretty close to over. I would surely recommend the Forward Grip, the material feels good (soft and slightly tacky) in the hands and the triangular shape of it provides a more consistent way of gripping the putter.
  7. Stage 2 Reserved 9/25 I've only been able to play 9 four times since receiving my FowardGolf putter grip, which is nothing considering that I've had the grip now for almost 2 months. They have all been at the same course but am looking forward to playing this week in a tourney on great greens. My first round impression was that it felt awkward. I didn't seem to putt any differently than i used to. Went home that day not so excited about the grip. But the second round of 9 I had only 13 putts to shoot 38. I was not just in tight on every hole, I was actually making putts. The two 9s since, I have had 16 putts each time but I feel like I have putted better. 10/31 I've played twice since my last review, both on great greens. The first round, I putted really well for 14 holes then fell apart, but the sun was going down. The second round I was back to my usual self, just couldn't get the ball in the hole. They were fast tough greens and I did burn a few edges but nothing fell. One plus is that my distance control has definitely improved. And even though my stats overall have not improved, I've had two very bright glimmers of improvement within just a few rounds. I'm looking forward to playing more consistently to see where my putting goes.
  8. Stage 1 Reserved Hi All! I was really excited to get picked for this test. As putting is definitely my weakest link. I play about 40 rounds per year but don't practice much at all, it's just too time consuming from where i live. I'm playing right around a 7 this season, and my putting stats are 1.9 per hole and 2.1 per GIR. My biggest problem with putting is distance control and I believe that is coming from inconstant grip pressure. I've tried different putters from a Scotty Newport to my current Taylormade White Smoke 72 and grips from the standard Ping to my previous Superstroke 3.0. I've also played with my grip, trying left hand low (it just felt to strange to keep playing) but went back to a slightly modified conventional grip. One thing of interest - playing around on the practice green after one of my 9s, i tried left hand low again. And it felt much better with this ForwardGrip than my old Superstroke. If I was playing more right now, I would probably give it another go. I'm curious if anyone else in this test has noticed this?
  9. Ryan from NJ. I carry, use a push cart and take a golf cart all equal amounts. Currently sporting a Sun Mountain carry bag that's a little long in the tooth.
  10. 1. Ryan from New Jersey 2. 6.8 handicap index 3. Hope this could provide me with more consistent long iron ball striking.
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