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  1. Richard, Tucson, AZ 7.1 Black, i would like the combo set, strongest iron would be a 6 First set of irons I paid for was the Hogan Apex, with aluminum shafts, back in the early 70's. Had several other sets since, nothing for 30 years. very happy to see the bran reemerge!
  2. Tucson, AZ - 64 years old Swing speed - 95 - 100, i want to get over the 100 consistently - towards 105 In good physical shape Guaranteed I will see program through to the end. I have been looking to purchase these, however have been quarantined for the last 3 weeks as a precaution
  3. mundinger


  4. Tucson, AZ Scotty Cameron Futura 8 index Simply beautiful and functional
  5. Richard, Tucson AZ 8 handicap Wedges - Renegar tour Proto 52, 56, 60 based on your recommendation I would really like to compare them vs/ the Bridgestone, same lofts please. I play a lot of 9 hole games after work where i work on my shortgame Look forward to trying them our with the Snell balls as I have 3 doz left from last year
  6. Your first name Richard Home state Arizona Current driver/shaft/shaft weight Callaway Epic 9.5 Tour AD DI 7s Current swing speed 95 - 98 mph I would like to get a set of these as my swing speed has slowly been slowing down.
  7. I am all in, have owned 2 sets of Hogan irons over the years, one apex set with aluminum shafts when i was 16, and another set 20 years later with the steel shafts. In between I had a set of Joe Powell blades, 1 - SW for 15 years until they were stolen. Currently play Itobori cavity back irons from Japan, 62 years old, 7.5 index, and play 6 - 8 times a month, in sunny Tucson
  8. Richard Mundinger Tucson Arizona Swami 5000 front middle back yardages. How does this work with glasses ?
  9. Richard Mundinger - Tucson Current putter - Quantum Putter - heavy, face balanced www.quantumputters.com I have been looking for a good heavy blade putter that is well balanced, and takes the small muscles out of the putting stroke
  10. Richard Mundinger 4.1 Tucson, AZ 60 rounds On line
  11. Mainly at the Gallery, Randolph, Tucson CC, Oro Valley CC
  12. The 52 degree arrived Friday, went to the course on Sunday with a brand new club, no practice, then it performed flawlessly on its one and only use of the day. In summary, I am very happy with the 52, 56 and 60 degree wedges. At this time of the year, we have Bermuda in Az, and am having no issues getting through the turf / rough. I Iike the increased length, and the fact they are all the same length. In addition, i feel the increased weight is most helpful. Hitting off hard pan (i.e. no grass), just fine, and in the sand they perform (operator excepted). All in all a good set of wedges.
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