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  1. Sam Florida, USA TmG SLDR 9.5 Matrix Velox S 60 About 105-107 carry 250-260
  2. - Your first name & home state: Sam, FL - Your current putter: Rife Aussie - Which MLA Tour Series or Pro Series Putter you'd like to test: Tour Classic - Your common miss: Right Thanks for the consideration!
  3. I'll see how it does out on the course, but from hitting a few balls after work yesterday its playing very similarly to my SCOR 55* in terms of flight and distance. A smooth shot is right in the 105-108 yards carry for me leaving a nice 8 yard gap between my wedges. As far trajectory, it's probably close to my 51 than my 59. My stock wedge shots tend to be on the mid-low side but I have enough control to throw it super high up in the air when I need to. I'll see if I can post a more in-depth review this weekend.
  4. Thanks mate, most of my patience was founded in the superb performance of the other 3 SCOR wedges I have and am using. That said, a little disappointed overall in the fact that it took 2 months to get a club back for an assembly error. I've been thinking about an upgrade from the MP-60's I have right now to either the MP-15's or an MP-25/MP-5 Combo set in the fall. The Hogan's were in the mix for a demo but I'm leaning on no due to the bad taste that yet lingers in my mouth. If I can get a trial set of 3 clubs I'll give them a try but there's no way I would drop the money to get a set
  5. Good news!!!! My quest has finally come to an end. BH didn't have any SCOR heads laying around so they built me a 55* TK 15 wedge and it arrived today. I'm excited to see how it performs in relation to my existing SCOR wedges, it looks pretty close in design so I'm hopeful it will be a seamless flow through my wedges.
  6. Update: I thought things were resolved a few weeks ago when I finally got in touch with BH. They said there were going to send me out a replacement club. It's been two weeks now and I haven't gotten anything in the way of communication or mail from them. One of the forum members was kind enough to give me an alternate contact within BH so I'm going to try working through them. I'd like to give the BH irons a try but all this is making me seriously reconsider whether that's a good idea or not.
  7. I just got a resolution from them a few hours ago. They claim their returns department never received my club which is weird because I got updates from Fedex to my phone until it delivered back to BH golf. Fedex doesn't seem to keep the shipping labels and tracking numbers available after a certain period of time (30+ days). I forwarded my original Fedex email to BH so they can hopefully figure out what happened. At some point along the way it got lost (I suspect someone in the returns department mishandled it) and are they making me a replacement club to ship out right now, so I do appreciate
  8. I'm in central time and I called around 9AM. I got a hold of them yesterday through Facebook. The guy who get customer service calls is on the road a lot so he said he can't always answer the phone immediately.
  9. I've already tried that contact info, I couldn't get an email back and noone answered the phone when I called so far.
  10. TLDR: I'm hoping someone here can put me in contact with someone at Ben Hogan Golf to help me find a missing Scor Wedge that had an assembly/manufacturing error. I haven't been able to get a response from anyone. Fully Story: Back in late April I finally decided to pull the trigger and get a set of 4 Scor wedges (47,51,55,59) and I've really enjoyed playing with them. Unfortunately, when my 55* wedge was shipped to me it had something loose in the hosel/shaft that caused it to make noise and produce weird vibrations when I hit it. I had the clubs for about a week (late June) by this point,
  11. I'm wondering if anyone got the chuckle out of this that I did....I've always found comparing heads of different lofts on different shafts to be of limited usefulness. They also included a weird mix of club, they didn't have anything from Ping or TMG which I think is a problem because it's hard for people to know how different heads might compare without a reference to something they've hit before. http://www.golfwrx.com/307204/2015-blade-iron-shootout/
  12. I don't anyone likes it when people yell things right after impact. The players probably don't like it, the vast majority of the spectators don't like, the commentators don't like and people watching at home don't like it. At one point once upon a time, yelling things might have been funny....that time has long passed. That said, it's hard to stop people from yelling things without taking some of the energy away from the tournament atmosphere. In an ideal world, people would have some sense to know when it's alright to make some noise and when it's not.....additionally they would have some sen
  13. I think this is going to be a cool open. I got my draftkings lineup all set...An, Kisner, Leishman, Martin, Matsuyama, McIlroy. We'll see how they do, I was really torn between McIlroy and Rose.
  14. If I am swinging well and feel confident in the image of swinging high to high, I can hit a nice 5 yard fade. If I miss....it just goes straight or a slight draw. I'll probably post a follow up video down the road of my progress, wish me luck.
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