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  1. Says the guy taking personal shots. You need some Jesus in your life!
  2. No bad day here.. A couple of you guys just need to come down off of your high horse and stop acting like you know what's best for another golfer. The sense of entitlement you two have is laughable. Welcome to the Internet where we know everything about everything....
  3. Please show me where I said that..
  4. I don't think anyone here is pissy.. I just don't know many people who actively seek out unwarranted advice from folks, not unlike yourself, who struggle to break 90.. If the guy wants to beat the ball all over the course, so be it. He wants to play tour issue clubs, who cares? He paid just as much to play as you did...
  5. Wow... Between your last post and this one, you sound you'd be an absolute joy to play with. /sarcasm Sounds to me like you two were meant for each other.. It was destiny...
  6. Well someone's angry this morning I'm here to talk about golf.. Primarily golf equipment. I'm not here to tell people what clubs they should or shouldn't play. If they're spending their money, they have every right to play with the clubs that they choose. There's no need for condescending posts that reek of a sense of entitlement because someone isn't playing the clubs that you think they should be playing.. real talk
  7. Why do you care what he plays and what he has shot and hasn't shot? I have enough of a problem trying to figure out my own game.. Definitely don't have time to be trying to figure someone else's out. real talk
  8. bummer.. I really hate that you made a less organized, less informative post than MBP's and got less replies. mind blown...
  9. If your Hawks make the finals to go along with you getting to test Hogan irons.. Watch out!
  10. I agree. Not sure why this got sidetracked. Congrats guys!
  11. You mad? I was just pointing out something that I thought was interesting. Nothing more, nothing less. And FWIW, I didn't expect to be picked. I've been here maybe a month..
  12. I also found it interesting that they didn't bother to mention in the OP that 15+ handicaps wouldn't be chosen. They completely eliminated their chances to win, yet still led them to believe that they could win by not mentioning anything about the 15 handicap stipulation.
  13. I haven't bought a club in a few months but I have $100+ in PayPal and I'm really tempted.. #struggleisreal
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