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  1. 1. Your Name and Location--Kyle Eisenberg, Voorhees, NJ 2. Junior’s Name and Age--Abigail, 6 3. Junior’s Current clubs--mixed bag, usually much too big for her, whatever we find at the local clubs 4. Junior’s Desired Set--Profile JGI Junior Small (right hand) 5. Fun fact about your Junior--She loves to hang out with me and loves riding in the golf cart. She's enthusiastic about going golfing with me, her uncle and cousin, but I've had trouble finding a set of clubs that fit her properly. I bought a set online last year but they're way too big (as you can see in the picture) even though it said it was for 6-8 year olds.
  2. What does the name "Hogan" mean to me? Whenever I think of Hogan I think of the 1 iron at Merion. In 1950 to hit a 1 Iron from 200 yards...to an uphill green...after playing 35 holes on a bad leg...to win the US Open...I mean, wow! I had the pleasure of playing there last year and like everyone I took a drop and hit the same shot as he did (4 hybrid for me!). Like all approach shots at Merion, the 18th is extremely tough. I'm just happy it wasn't my live ball, because I pulled it so far left there was no chance for me to get up, down or around.
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