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  1. I do not wear a glove and always played corded grips. Im currently gaming the GP Z-Grip Cord's. No problem with the texture. I tried the SuperStroke grips and they were too soft. IMO, The best grips were the Lamkin UTx but Lamkin discontinued them. Urghhh.
  2. Crazy day. I found a MaxTour CG at my club today. Played it for around 11 holes until I lost it on a lay up par 5. I play 75-90 rounds a year on this course and hit my normal 2nd shot layup. I've never hit a second shot as far as I hit that TourCG. Found the water that fronts the green. I'd love to give this ball another shot. Need to see if these distances are for real.
  3. I'm fortunate to have been a member of various private clubs since 1980. This year our club decided to increase our already hefty dues by another 30%. I moved over to a nearby semi private club (with 10 other members) and couldn't be happier. We kept most of our Saturday group together and saved a ton of $$$. The savings gave me a chance to take 2 bucket list golf trips and more are planned. I'll stay semi-private.
  4. Near new set of Ben Hogan ICON Irons. 4-PW. Dyn Gold X100 shafts and Lamkin UTx full cord grips. Std LLL. Very little use. Shaft is too stiff for me. I'll add a 2021 Hogan Equalizer Black 56° or 60° wedge. Specify loft with order. Shipped priority $650. Contact me with any questions.
  5. 2 of us in the house that would give you an honest unbiased review. Love to be selected.
  6. Heading to Jax after the 4th and looking for a few course recommendations in the Jax / St Augustine area. Probably going to play 2-3 times. I've played TPC so no need for that one. Thanks. Always open for a member invite. I can reciprocate in the DFW area.
  7. I'll be in HHI the week of July 4th. Been traveling to HH for 25+ yrs. and always wanted to play Long Cove. Looking for a lottery pick here, but any chance there's a forum member that has a member connect at Long Cove or Colleton River? Thanks in advance.
  8. I'm in Hilton Head every July 4th week. I'd love to connect with a few readers. As a wild card, I'm looking for a game at Long Cove. Any colleagues have a member hook up? It's been a bucket list for yrs. I usually try to play Colleton River and Harbour Town. PM me if there are any members that would like to host. Thanks in advance.
  9. We are in HHI every year. If I had one round to play I'd play HH National. It's the best on the Island for the money. CC of Hilton Head and Dolphin Head are very good options as well. Both semi private. Palmetto has 3 good courses.
  10. I'm currently gaming an Odyssey StrokeLab 7s. RH, 34" 2°flat and I've added 1° of loft bc of a slight forward press. Putting is my biggest strength, so you'll get a true analysis.
  11. Callaway Rogue 9* SZ w/ Ozik White Tie Callaway Rogue 3W, 5W Tensi Callaway CF 19 irons Catalyst 60 Ben Hogan Equilizer wedges. Odessey StrokeLab 7s TaylorMade TP5x
  12. Ken Venezio FtWorth TX I use an Apple watch with 18 birdies or Hole19 apps and a backup Leupold rangefinder if I need cross bunkers or hazards
  13. Kenny -- Fort Worth, TX 8.2 Callaway XR16 Pro with Fujikora Pro 60 S Flex 97 - 99mph I'm a Kevin Kisner fan
  14. Ken Venezio Southlake, TX Hdcp 8 GolfLogix thru AppleWatch Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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