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  1. So, based on the site it's Florida St. Florida, Notre Dame, USC, Ohio St. Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Auburn, North Carolina, Duke, Army, and Navy. Of course, due to some of these combos you can get a few extra teams out, like Nebraska, Indiana, UCF, Syracuse, BC, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Rutgers, just a name a few off the top of my head. Interesting decision by GP for sure.
  2. I'm surprised you didn't make Balls a separate option @GolfSpy STUDque. That's why I went with other. With this being the first PGA Show since the test I'm wondering how companies are reacting and the promises of these new balls to the market. I'm more intrigued how DTC sellers are trying to make inroads at a time when it's more important that ever to try to be as consistent and integrated with a product in the ball space.
  3. So, a quick update from a test draft your commishes did earlier today. The queue list will work for you if you have "pick from queue first" selected. Second, while there are 4 copies of each player, you cannot draft the same player more than once to your roster. We are working on repairing a bug that prevents two of the same player to exist on the same roster through trades and the like. Also, a final reminder PRERANK YOUR PLAYERS IF YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO JOIN US THIS EVENING
  4. THE DRAFT: You can't win the league here, but you can certainly lose it THE 2020 MGS FANTASY GOLF DRAFT WILL TAKE PLACE ON THURSDAY, JANUARY 16TH AT 9:00 EST Drafts in fantasy sports have been compared to Christmas morning, perhaps the most exciting day on the league calendar, where all the managers get together, get to unwrap all their new toys, and all hope begins anew until you realized you got the equivalent of an Etch-A-Sketch with a crack in the screen, shaving cream at age 14, and 2 packs of white socks while your brother got a new game system, and Rock'em Sock'em Robots. So, that leads to point one of the draft, You can't win it all on draft day! Although you may be able to give yourself a leg up on the competition, players who look good value may have a downturn (Spieth anyone?) and that person who no one thinks is good may be the anchor of your lineup. It's gonna take mostly luck, but a little bit of skill to get the job done that way. Now, let's talk the structure of the draft. Our draft will be lasting for SIX ROUNDS. Now I know what you're all thinking, "Ryan wait, we have 8 player rosters, why only six rounds?" Well, even though I'm a crazy person who loves to get to the bottom of the barrel in drafting, we figured going 6 deep gives you a chance to get your main core roster and then we'd fill the rest of the roster with waivers players. Plus, considering the late start on the East Coast and the fact some of us still work instead of being retired and playing golf all day (aka the dream), we can't have this draft drag into eternity. So, now you know how long the draft is and when it is, but now the question for some of you may be this, "Well Ryan, that's fine and dandy if I can make it, but what if I can't be there for the whole thing or part of it?" Well dear reader, do I have some good news for you! You can set your team to autodraft and pre-rank your players and we'll go over each in turn. SETTING UP AUTODRAFT Now, you don't have to personally set-up autodrafting for yourself, if you don't make your pick within the draft time frame you will go into autodraft. But in the interest of time and courtesy to your fellow players, here is how you set up autodraft. First, Click ON THIS LINK That link will take you to the Draft Room. Once that page opens you will click on the gear at the top of the screen. It looks like this: You will then select from the drop-down menu, the option "Auto-Pick Settings". After clicking on that, you'll select "Always Auto-Pick". That's it, you'll be set to autodraft! During the draft you can also click on the words Auto-Draft:Off or Auto-Draft:On next to the gear to access this option on the fly. PRE-RANKING PLAYERS I absolutely cannot stress this enough. I mentioned it in the intro post, I'm mentioning it here, I'll mention it in a post on Draft Day. You will not enjoy life on an autodraft if you do not prerank your players. PRE RANK YOUR PLAYERS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE AT THE DRAFT I'll scream it to the high heavens and someone will forget and ask if we can redo the draft or hate their team and quit on the season, it's why I say it so much. So here's how you make that happen. First, Click ON THIS LINK That link will take you to the Rank Players page, however, you'll notice that it's ranking players based on performance in 2019. The reason I set it up like that is so that you can find which players performed well last season instead of digging through the spreadsheet from 2020 (you're welcome). To add a player you click the green plus sign. To exclude a player, aka add them to a do not draft list, you click the Red E. Now, my advice here may be to click on the heading labeled FP/G, that shows you how many fantasy points a player got you per event. Obviously use whatever strat you want, but that seems a solid starting point. The next question, how many players should you rank. Well, knowing that we're dealing with such a large group and even with copies there's going to be likely 90 players or more drafted in the six rounds, it's your call. I'd probably rank my top 100 just to be safe but if you don't have the time or feel good about your ability to nab talent off the waiver wire, maybe top 50. Oh, and one other thing... PRE RANK YOUR PLAYERS IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE AT THE DRAFT Other Tips Have fun guys, you're going to have a team after Thursday who you can cheer for all season! Also, remember this is a Ryder Cup year so guys may play more or less on the PGA Tour to try and make respective teams through the different qualification styles. That's not to discount the Europeans so I can swipe them up, honest. Just something to consider because while they may play those big limited field events and majors, maybe a guy like Matt Fitzpatrick plays more in Europe to qualify on the Order of Merit. But the main point is that you should all have fun! It's gonna be a good time. If you have any additional questions leave them in the thread and we'll do our best to answer them!
  5. Welcome to Fantasy Golf... in the year 2020! So, you've heard the siren's call and decided that this year is going to be the year you're going to take the forum by storm and earn that lovely MGS Golden Ticket. Then panic strikes. You've never played fantasy golf before, what are you doing? Well, consider me a guide to hopefully help you. Game Style So right now we are voting between the old style of game, and this new best ball style. Here's the difference between the two. Our current/old style is very similar to other fantasy sports. You start 4 players from a roster of 10, with the remainder of them being on your bench. You set your lineup before the first shot on Thursday and ride it out, no substitution. Best Ball is a different animal. Everyone starts every week and there is no bench. The game takes your top 4 or 5 scores and that's that. No bench, just starters. Roster Construction So, the age old question, how do you value players. Do you load up on guys who are going to ball out at majors and big events but might not play alot, or do you value guys who play alot and are consistent but not spectacular. Do you want Tiger for 15 events or CH3 for 27? To be honest, it's a wash, you're probably want to mix things up a touch. The Draft Yes, there's going to be a draft. Yes, it's gonna be a 60 team draft. It starts with whoever's got to pick #1... Oh and runs to number 60. Then it snakes back from 60 to 1 and then again. Now, we're running tests to see how the multiple player thing is gonna work, and we'll update when we know. There's also going to be a draft prep post as well, but I'm going to say this here and now. IF YOU AREN'T GOING TO BE AT THE DRAFT, PRERANK YOUR DRAFT BOARD The Season So, how does the season run. Well, we're aiming to start with the Farmer's and run until the playoff start. As mentioned earlier, we're doing only PGA events, save the Match-Play. No European Events, No Korn Ferry, just those events. Now, this means we're playing an opposite field event for the Match Play and taking a bye week with the Zurich team event. Again, this calls back to roster construction. There may be weeks where you don't have 4 or 5 guys in the event. It's your call whether or not to add players from the event at the expense of some of your other players or go with less knowing that you just need to make the playoffs. The Playoffs So, we're structuring the playoffs like this I do believe. The top 30 teams on record will make the playoffs. After the first Fed Ex event we cut to the top 20, going into the tour championship, we cut to the top 10, after the tour championship, we'll have a winner. So all you have to do is get there and then hopefully you have alot of guys in the Fed Ex. Other Questions So, I know this is an intro post to the league, but maybe didn't ask your question, or maybe I got you thinking of something else. If so, post here in the thread and we'll try to get you an answer. Also, if you haven't already, go vote on Fantrax in the league polls to have your voice heard.
  6. I think we need to flip it over on our end. Good point out Bucky. @fixyurdivot a newbie introduction post is on the table to be done this weekend, likely by me. However, due to my real life lawyer life I'm not sure when it's going up, but it will be done by close of the Sony.
  7. In the interest of transparency, this was something that was discussed between the three of us. US and I aren't really in favor, but we are but two voices in a chorus of sixty. Depending on how it plays with the other votes it could be on the table for all of you to vote on though.
  8. Not to bump an old thread back from the grave, but today Mark did a gap test with the HB Turbos, really solid and really straight. Color me very intrigued to see them in person in February at our golf show.
  9. Well, that's a add to the Do Not Draft list in the Fantasy Golf league
  10. Gotcha, he must have left and was replaced by Alan Savage who road it out until the culling of Pros before landing back on his feet at Turning Stone. The passage of time does terrible things to us all.
  11. Shoppingtown as well, Were you there with Alan and Lowell?
  12. Right on the nose as always Steve. So, as I'm sure some of you know I worked for Dick's in Golf while I was going through Law School as a way to make some cash while I was going into substantial debt and as I think I explain in another thread for time gone by, Dick's works on a tier system as to how they staff and supply stores. There are 4 tiers in the system based on sales and market overlap with other stores in your district. Obviously the higher tier you are, the more and different clubs and resources you get. Now I still know a lot of the guys in the CNY area who work at our Dick's and our one Golf Galaxy and some of them really know their stuff and have a ton of good practical experience as fitters, but at our yearly fitting classes, reviews and company launch events and the like, we knew that we were handcuffed a bit in what we had to offer. For example, my store was a tier 4, we carried primarily TM and Callaway, with our next largest club provider at the time was Top Flite, the store brand (I left before we got Tommy Armour), we'd sometimes have a touch of Cobra, Nike when they were around, and then my final year we'd get older generation Ping from other stores. So unless you were looking only at Callaway or TM, you were out of luck. It sucks too because when people have these bad experiences it gives those within the company who know what they're doing a bad name because it allows people to paint with a wide brush. In all I guess my point is this, there are good and bad fitters everywhere and you shouldn't just hold where they work against them, they're doing the best with what they have.
  13. As a flip side to that argument, it's also the easiest place for him to do some image rehab. The golf bro/golf twitter guy is the quintessential person who sits in the crowd at 16. Could you imagine if he and his caddy showed up with Patrick Reed branded pails and shovels and gave them to the crowd? Everyone would be like, "he's in on the joke" and it could all go away. I thought the cheater yell was out of line personally and was done just to "get over" as a fan, much in the same way that kinda stuff happens with pro wrestling crowds. It's dumb and doesn't make you look cool, guy. Also, if you're going to do it, man up and do it as he's finishing his round in the first place, not on the third play-off hole.
  14. Fantrax has said that they are "working on it". Needless to say, we don't have a lot of hope this gets changed
  15. To give you guys an idea, besides what you see on Page 4 for scoring here is a list of the other categories not in use, and maybe you'll get an idea of what we are working with. Average Place Birdies or Better Birdies/Bogies/Doubles/Eagles Per Round FedEx Cup Points Final Rounds Played (scoring only round 4) Holes Played Holes per Birdie/Bogey/Double/Eagle/Par Money Earned Over Par Par Breakers Place Rounds Played Scoring Average Score, including before and after cut Total Strokes We think with the stats we have we've got pretty all additional ones covered in all honest, but are open if anyone feels a specific way about any of these additional stats.
  16. Sadly Stroker, those are a bit outside of what Fantrax can do without heavy lifting from us on the backend. We could make it work potentially, it would just take some work from us. Also, and I said this yesterday when @GolfSpy STUDque and @Undershooter and I came up with those few changes to the scoring system based on last year's thread and editing the overpowering of pars, with as many newbies as we have, maybe going a little less crazy in stats might be the best play, and this is coming from a guy who tried to work all the effective averages of te wild stats we had in the Circus Football league with @GolfSpy STUDque. So I'm not saying this to stifle consideration, just know that we are listening to all suggestions and discussing them in what's in the best interest of everyone, which admittedly as large as we are going to be, can be a total and complete challenge.
  17. Taylormade Admittedly I think alot of this "editorial independence" argument that Shiels and Finch hide behind is just trying to create some of that old YouTube drama to boost viewership. In the end, numbers and data are numbers and data in reviews. If you've watched any of these guys forever you can guess where the numbers are going to sit and that they'll extol the benefits of going to get fit and trying a variety of clubs because no one brand is better than others.
  18. So Steve, the only thing I can add to that, and I'm sure you'd agree considering your experience in the golf sales sphere during college, and from other debates on this forum in other threads about different ideas in equipment, is that there is no group of athletes or prospective athletes that gravitate toward "this is how it's always been" then the average to good golfer. When presented with either new brands doing interesting things or new tech that makes the game easier, golfers scoff at those ideas and play what they've always played because they are creatures of habit. Now, companies like Tour Edge, Srixon, Cobra even have been pushing on different and new tech that could help golfers, but people say I'm a Callaway guy or I only play Taylormade drivers and it's a position I've never understood. I know I'm not talking to the normal golfer here because we all believe, at least to some extent the #BeYourOwnBrand ethos of MGS, but we're not the main bell curve of the market. I'll be honest, and I know I was talking to you about this @bens197, even though I'm damn near a single digit player, I can't wait to try these, the Launcher HB Turbos, the IronWood 4's, the T-Rails, and all sorts of irons. I get that they aren't everyone's cup of tee, but if we could just get past our own biases (harder to do than to say, obviously) I think we can all find clubs at all levels that make us happy and improve our games. I just don't think that the majority thinks that way. They think a club is supposed to look a certain way and for those people, I wish we could help them, but it's like trying to make the blind see.
  19. In a post that I'm sure will get me no attention on this forum, my favorite golfer and the one man I will root for over all others when he is near the top of the leader board is Sergio Garcia.
  20. All will be revealed soon folks,but I'll tell you this. Perhaps those of your forming plans may want to wait for us to discuss some of the changes we're trying to make to smooth the league out in a better fashion.
  21. Well... this is how some leagues work
  22. Since I'm thinking of going Cleveland or Srixon with my new iron set this season. I'm interested in seeing him do his gapping analysis with these since he's blending almost everything. He also said he has a full set of Launcher HB Turbos coming as well and knowing how he hits hybrids and saying he's loved the older clubs in the past, I'm very intrigued.
  23. Important notices are to be put in big lettering to last for eternity, it is the words of commoners that should be swept into the dustbin of history, like your Circus team was by me.
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