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  1. Haha, no problem Rob. Looking at the email link and subject line I totally understand why you'd think that way. It wasn't the best email MGS has ever sent out. You get back to 100% and keep on keeping on.
  2. Hey @Golfspy_CG2, I know you just recently changed the title, but the article is about Pro V1X Vanilla 2021... just trying to help. Also, figured I'd post this here since Tony actually addressed in the comments the issues Golf Ball Guts guy was having with his findings. I've copied and pasted verbatim from his comment. " I suspect it’s an optical illusion. A PVC cutter works similarly to a log splitter. It’s basically a wedge. When the core material is pliable (like it is with TaylorMade, Callaway, and some others) you get really clean cuts. When it’s brittle (like Titleist’s),
  3. Hard to say, but worth noting that we're dealing with a hobbyist vs. a testing center on this. Not to knock GBG, I love his content but at the end of the day, he's just a content guy. Also, while I know everyone looks at the value rating as perfect, there is no perfect box of balls. It's why I really enjoy that variable graphic Tony has added in comparing box to box to box. There are fluctuations in the box, but across the board it's pretty good. Might you find a weird one, I would say you would, but even in the world of averages it would seems GBG may just be unlucky with his boxes as we
  4. I'm just going to copy and paste this from the Ball Lab information page as to the testing. Core Centeredness – The object of our centeredness test is not to put the ball under a microscope, count millimeters and otherwise nitpick. The goal is to identify irregularities that are likely to have meaningful performance implications. While we note any core that is visibly off-center to the naked eye, a ball is only deemed “bad” when the core is significantly off-center. If you look at his most recent video we're talking an off centered core of less than a millimeter and at most 2 mi
  5. I remember when we used to pile the golf team in for sectionals in the spring the school had a Chevy Astro Van that held all 6 sets of clubs, all 8 of us, and room to spare.
  6. Well, bought myself a 6 pack (really two 3 packs) of 30 minute lessons from our local Golf Galaxy pro in the First Tee auction for 2021. Got a good deal on them to be honest and the money goes to a good cause. Think we might be working on tuning some stuff up for my local am qualifier in late May. Kind of excited, first set of lessons in a long long time (20 years?)
  7. Day 1: Day 2: Day 3: Day 4:
  8. Caughdenoy Links, 10 minutes from my house. Decent elevation changes, super wide open... not ideal in 10 to 20 mile an hour winds with no yardage markers on the course amd me not Arccos'ing it.
  9. Round one of 2021 is in the books, heck first swings of 2021, and it was... meh. No scorecard but this was the course I played for iron only round last year that I shot 81. Today was worse than that but we were able to recover on the second nine. For those of you wondering about how the SIK would perform in live action, it put some good rolls and held the line. Speed was tricky but after a few holes it was better. Driver was also going ok. No real two way miss which was a problem last season. The downside, iron play was a tragedy. Fat, fatter, and some would say fattest. Could get be
  10. I feel like we're all taking the tier 6 bait pick, but at the same point in time if he flops it doesn't hurt any of us.
  11. And that's where I'm sitting here. I have 7 guys going, but Keegan Bradley is not. I do have a claim in to drop him, because I feel like he, and others like him on a Points per week basis are findable on the wire. For those of you who have to make multiple moves, I do wondering how you all will attack that knowing that you may have guys who are studding out on points per week, but might not get these exclusive invite events.
  12. First major of the year. Love it because this is where teams are finally starting to figure out who and what they are and who and what they can attempt to accomplish this season. If you've been waiting to see if your roster is going to make a move, now is the time to begin to consider what you need to go to either cement your place, state your case, or blow it to space Also, just because you've got so many people playing this week doesn't mean you have the right people playing this week. Majors are always some of our highest scoring events on the calendar because there are so many option
  13. Jaime, if you want to move on from Rickie, I would be willing to take him on, maybe for like say Keegan Bradley straight up or a combo piece for something else reasonable since you have a lot of Euro talent and maybe need someone who plays more stateside.
  14. Going to be interesting to see how Callaway rebounds next year. At the time of the survey they were winding down what can only be seen as a disappointing cycle with Mavrik and the like, but if Most Wanted testing is anything to sneeze at I could see a massive rebound due to the performance of Epic Speed and Two Ball Ten and being further away from the Chrome Soft debacle. Also, a lot of positive momentum to those chasing like TM and Titleist for top dog status. Also, sad to see Wilson hasn't shaken some of the stigma and seemingly people think pretty similarly of Tour Edge. Some see cheap
  15. Damn, that was fast. Hope you get them out and hit them well.
  16. Again, as everyone else mentioned I think they'd be awesome to practice with and as someone who gamed Q Star Tour pretty recently, I wouldn't be totally against playing them in casual rounds or as @StrokerAce mentioned at a par three or pitch and putt course. Very interesting in the article posted that Hideki is intrigued. If they can get him on board knowing how much of a stickler he is, I would think you might see this come to the tour line, but probably without the matte finish and maybe a different color scheme. Interesting time for finishes in golf balls right now, the newest frontie
  17. My .02 on this @TR1PTIK is that from a pure numbers standpoint you are right. However, if I recall from the video Adam and Harry did about Staff R and is dropped very early on in the article the performance in the wet is so dramatically different for the Raw ball I wouldn't classify them as the same if only because of that wide performance difference.
  18. Intrigued by the firmness of the models but also really happy to see that as far as comparable static measurements you really are getting the same ball, which could have been a concern with the R model. A ball that doesn't really fit my profile for flight as I need a higher launching ball, but for those who need what this ball gives, it looks like solid value for money
  19. Fair play. I placed my first Titleist Loyality order in nearly a decade this weekend form some custom number V1X. Exciting times.
  20. Went for the old custom number? Surprised to see you maybe go away from the Exlir as well. Hope they do the job for you!
  21. Guys, I'm so sorry, work has been an absolute bear and even when it seems like it's slowing down, it isn't. Quick and dirty thoughts are this. Pro: Easy to align, a nice soft 'ting' on impact to tell you where you're striking it, easy to swing on line for me straight back and then closing though the stroke. I've been putting 4-6 footers every time I've gone down to put wood in my wood stove recently, making at around an 85% rate. Again, straight putt, carpet turf, not grooved. Good to see the ball roll in the hole very often though. Build quality is solid, grip is perfect for my hands and
  22. I'm also going to step in with my .02 on the matter. In years past, I would have totally been on the side of the 'play the opposite field event'. You who are making the point that we've been on notice about the fact we're playing this event are 100% correct and I'm not against the idea that we need to decide how and when we roll out our teams. My big reason as to why I'm coming around to the idea of the bye week, although I'm torn on both sides of this, really comes down to safeguarding rosters and saving people from themselves. Admittedly, we've had some weird drops in the league t
  23. Funny you all should mention this. A league wide poll is going up on Fantrax right now to address what y'all want to do. And no, there is no way to combine the events, we have discussed this with Fantrax for years and they refuse to edit the scoring in any way to make the Match Play possible.
  24. Update #2 So, I know I missed deadline on this. I promise you you'll get the update this weekend. That reason is two-fold. 1) Work has been an absolute bear this week, but next week it looks like it's slowing down for a bit of a spell 2) I'm actually having fun practicing right now and haven't been looking hypercritically at things because I'm having such a good honeymoon time. Spoiler alert for the first impression post, I likey a lot.
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