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  1. Just looked at some of what's on RBG and with 440 dollars in credits in my wallet... seems like some purchases might be coming soon.
  2. It's interesting you say that Jaime, because in the Fantasy League that I think you're going to win, I've made changes to my roster to applaud those who are leaving at season's end by giving them a run in my team. For Dany, Seb, and Nic, they will be missed, for all differing reasons
  3. I wasn't expecting land speed to be a factor, you saw me in MD... if I move past sloth pace it would be a minor miracle!
  4. The Monaco Parade not withstanding, Chitown is right... aerodynamics have really made a big change, plus the cost cap. I'm very intrigued to see which of the "Formula 1.5" teams takes that next step, you'd think it would be McClaren but it seems like Aston Martin might be figuring it out, or Seb is just getting better right before he leaves
  5. I will say this, as an American I'll be glued to the F2 races this weekend on Yas Island. Logan Sargent needs to finish Top7 or 8 in the F2 championship to get enough points for his super license to fill that second spot for Williams next season if he completes his points in practice. Tense times but looks likely a Yank joins the grid in 2023.
  6. The MacGregor NVG and NVG2 were so loud I remember reading a review once that compared them to "a soup can on the end of a stick" and they were as loud as advertised.
  7. I mean, look, you've got the title locked under key, wouldn't it be nice to have not only the Constructors but a clear 1-2 in the World Championship? I will say though, ecstatic for George for getting that maiden win, looks a worthy successor to Hamilton to lead Mercedes once he's gone and I like that the Silver Arrows have seemingly found something here at season's end, maybe good momentum for the 2023 car and season.
  8. @tschott I'm sorry man, these got snapped up on the Bay at my Buy It Now price. I was in seeing Wakanda Forever today so I do apologize. Let me reach out to you about a potential make good. Mods, if we could close this it would be much appreciated.
  9. One time price drop before my eBay listing goes live, edited prices above
  10. New Pricing before eBay listing begins! Hey guys, just literally pulled these out of the box they were shipped in earlier this summer, and before I try to peddle them on the Bay, I figured we'd offer them here. We've got three dozen brand new Srixon Z Star XV in the Divide White and Yellow, new in box. Most interested in selling them as a combined lot, but if there's no interest, would piece them out at the following price points, ball still retails at $45 a box. 1 dozen: $35 2 dozen: $65 Total ($32.50 a dozen) 3 dozen: $90 for the lot ($30 a dozen) Shipping will be covered by me to the Contiguous 48, if Alaska, Hawaii, or international, we'll need to talk.
  11. If I were in the market, which I am most certainly not, that 8P with the UST shaft and a deep etched Lamkin would be top of my list to get hands on. Has that Squareback look and size with better alignment for me and shaft tech at that price point? An absolute winner if you're asking me.
  12. Also, for anyone intrigued by Rypstick and looking to help a member out, @edingc has his stick for sale in BST for $150. I may buy but I think my ceilings and space is too small to get the total length out of it.
  13. This is where I might have a bit of an advantage or a handicap potentially being in snow state. Upside, won't be tempted by playing and focus solely on training. Downside, won't know real world application until season starts most likely of potentially screwing with technique.
  14. Ugh Cody, I'm tempted so hard right now, but I think with space in the basement I need the indoor stick for best results. I'm going to do some measuring and get back to you!
  15. Oh I know, just saying it in jest because that's already an increase of 1.01%!!! Truly a number that would be set to win this competition
  16. I have a whole bag of Stinger Tee's that I dip in from time to time, I don't normally break tees that often in a round off Driver, so put me down for team Bamboo
  17. Here's hoping to that as well. Manolo for the weekend warrior/higher handicap guy on socials, Harry for the better player. It's would be a cool dynamic between Manolo's energy and Harry's 'Britishness'
  18. I had a recent trackman hit with the TSR I bought for a new baseline after clearing out a shaft rattle to make sure everything was good, it's 96.3. I don't want to be accused of goosing the system
  19. Football Manager delayed to unannounced date... for PS5 only. Awesome
  20. Ping Hoofer Lite, 4 Way top. Top: Driver, 3 Wood, Hybrid Left: 4, 5, 6, 7 iron Right: 8, 9 iron, PW, 49* Bottom 54* Smart Sole, Putter
  21. Besides Edel I remember Tour Edge made a round grip for a while, the SphereTac I think it was. Not sure if you can buy it on it's own though, I think it came with their putters.
  22. So I'm looking at programs and there's a part of me that thinks maybe I trying Swingman Golf's fitness program, and not one of the speed systems. The one question, how committed to a fitness only program would I be personally. Although, looking at his youtube channel there's a week long fitness program... hrrm. EDIT: Now seeing Rypstick has a indoor stick that's shorter for my basement... I think I have the play figured out, and with the Rypradar as well.
  23. Admittedly, not much of a shooter guy, but my game of choice arrives November 8. Football Manager 23. Sprung for the console edition since I don't have the time for the full throated time sink the PC version is, but really excited. Also really enjoying F1 Manager as well right now. Likely looking for some Black Friday deals on games I missed during the year (c'mon The Quarry!) and still have Life Is Strange: True Colors to get through
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