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  1. bergtaur

    Island of misfits short bag

    Ok, ugly sweater it is, and I'm going to try to keep it to major companies here Driver: Titleist 907 D1. The ol' triangle. FWs: Callaway FT-i Squareway Woods, 3, 5, 7. Gotta have the whole set. Irons: Cleveland VAS, 4-PW. For better loft coverage and c'mon you knew these were the irons Wedges: F2 SS Tour Model 52* and 56*. If you're going to have the VAS, you better have wedges that can blend into the set. Give me all the anti-shank irons and wedges! Putter: Nike Method Concept. A lot of choices here, like Backstryke, Doc, Detour, and others.. .but give me Nike's weird progressive shape. Ball: Slazenger Money from Dick's Sporting Goods, but only the gold ones.
  2. bergtaur

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    I think you've got it in hands. a 70 point cushion plus Goff against three beasts seems safe to me, unless Mahomes only throws to Kelce and Gurley runs through that defense.
  3. bergtaur

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Well Stud, I voted my way because Week 17 is trash for fantasy football. It was like the way our fantasy golf league finished. By locking rosters once a team gets dropped, you're basically left with scrubs battling in the end for teams who may not have their best players out there on the field because they have nothing to play for, and for those saying, "should have managed your bench better" what's the point of a bench in fantasy sports except for fliers when your studs aren't playing.
  4. bergtaur

    Weather in your neck of the woods?

    Shoveled out over a foot of snow to go to work today while the rest of city looks like it's shutdown with schools cancelled and no clients so far. In all, A CNY November.
  5. bergtaur

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Trust me Cam, you're going to have the lead for a long time in this matchup. Outside of Goff, your whole roster will be done before the majority of my team starts. I've got 6 players on either Sunday Night or Monday. It's wild.
  6. bergtaur

    Black Friday 2018

    PS4 for me, and maybe a nice beard trimmer.
  7. bergtaur

    Happy thread

    Sooner or later Tony, sooner or later. They can't say no forever!
  8. bergtaur

    Happy thread

    So, I've been striking out pretty badly on the district attorney jobs around me, but today got a message that the department of social services in my county is looking for someone to start in 2019. Moving my app over there for sure and now we hope!
  9. bergtaur

    Tape your fingers?

    So, I don't tape my fingers, but I may start putting some KT tape on my ungloved wrist just to try and relieve some fatigue and strain during the round. Maybe like the Bowling wrist set-up or golfer's elbow set up for longer rounds. The problem is I've broken each wrist once when I was younger and my swing is a little bit different because of it and it puts strain on those spots. I've thought about it for a while, but this upcoming season may be the time to take the plunge, especially if I plan on playing more
  10. bergtaur

    D v D 2

    That's an interesting subplot I'm looking forward to watching develop here. No doubt Rick will test it and it will get some vlog time, hell it may even be his gamer for all year going forward. What I'm interested in is if Rick is going to take some heat from the online golf community regardless, because of perceived shill status for Wilson much in the way Mark Crossfield ate some heat for his Titleist deal, especially if it performs a step behind other OEM stuff Well Kor, I'd argue that's a pretty important standard for most drivers in the hands and eyes of the amateur. Look, I think that Rozwell was the cooler more innovative design as well. Cortex doesn't scream new and fresh to me, but it's like Tony and Sam said in their review video, Wilson can't afford to get this wrong again. At the end of the day they are a publicly traded company and have to make money for the shareholders. Sure, Wilson Staff is a small piece of that pie, but a piece nonetheless. By putting something out there as risky as Rozwell or any other design that didn't make it, Wilson would have put themselves in danger of a dud, a risk no company wants to take and be left taking a huge loss on. Now, do I think the $500 pricepoint is good? No, 399-449 should have been where it was at, but it is what it is. I hope it works out for Wilson, golf is better with more companies doing well and pushing the boundaries. Here's hoping that those Chicago boys get this thing right and it works for everyone.
  11. bergtaur

    D v D 2

    Wow, Tim's the real winner here. Last year of college paid for and job right out of college in the industry for Wilson. That's better than just selling a few drivers.
  12. bergtaur

    D v D 2

    Oh my God, RG just ran an ad on he bottom of the screen for Cortex as the winner of the show right before they announced the winner. Oh dear oh dear
  13. bergtaur

    Official MYGOLFSPY Fantasy Football League 2018

    Guys, I'm begging you as the guy who is likely affected the most in week 12, keep the league as it is.
  14. bergtaur

    Got Problems?

    So Meyer, our courses closed a week ago because of the amount of rain CNY has been getting plus the impending cold snap to make sure less damage was done. I only think it's supposed to be wintery mix to maybe 2-4 inches this weekend, so not a huge event, but we really didn't even get fall here because of the crap weather, which sucked.
  15. bergtaur

    Got Problems?

    So, my problem is that I took the clubs out of the car yesterday, and I'm looking out the window at snow falling. Let the long cold times begin, but let the warm fuzzy girlfriend cuddles begin too.