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  1. Does anyone have any info on this putter, found it at a used club shop for $20 so I decided to pick it up and re grip it. Mizuno Pro 0051 is what it has on the bottom on the face it has RH. Any help would be appreciated
  2. Aloha From Hawaii, First off thanks for the opportunity and I truly hope I can test the new Hogan Irons. A little about myself, I am 7.5 handicap who lives in Hawaii and plays twice a week and practices at least once. When I moved to Hawaii the golf game definitely suffered but not because I was surfing, because the courses here are so short. Typical rounds here leave me inside 110 yards on 6 to 8 holes. I am from Arizona and boy, I learned the hard way that inside of 110 is not my strong suite. The Hogan Fit experience is easy and intuitive and I am curious to see how their recommendation (progression of lofts etc.) translates on a golf course. It makes absolute sense especially with how short Golf courses are in Hawaii, be precise and attack the pin with more options inside of 160 yards. To answer the question of what hogan means to me is easy, it means a lot. In 2000 when I was playing on my High School golf team my dad got me a set of Hogan Apex forged blades. They are still in my bag today (see attached photo), no matter what I do I keep coming back to this set. I have tried Mizuno, Titleist, Fourteen and none can compare to the control, feel and accuracy I get with my apex blades. I have never loved a set of Irons so much and when I heard Hogan is back my heart raced, because I thought they would never be back. So needless to say an opportunity to play with a set of these irons gets me way more excited than it should. I truly hope I get the opportunity to help golf spy review these clubs. Cheers,
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