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  1. Robert-China Spring, Texas, Callaway Razr Tour, stiff shaft, 18 hdcp, bought off the shelf, not custom fit. My birthday is March 18th. I will be 59 yrs. old. Getting this opportunity would be a big honor for me. Thank you for your consideration.
  2. rlmayes from Texas 15 handicap usually buy golf balls from sporting goods store.
  3. HCP 18Shaft: stiff Length: Lie: Grip: Grip Size: standard FW•15 IRONS Include in Order LoftLieLengthPrice 5939$149 59.538.25$149 6037.5$149 6136.75$149 6236.25$149 6335.75$149 63.535.5$149 FW•15 Irons Subtotal: $1043 TK•15 WEDGES Include in OrderLoftLieLengthPrice 6435.5$149 6435.25$149 6335.25$149 6335$149 TK•15 Wedges Subtotal: $596 Additional Notes: Order Summary Items: $1,639.00 Shipping & handling: I have wanted to own Hogan irons for 20 years.but they no longer made them. A friend of mine had a set and I loved them! Hogan irons are top quality and I believe that they will improve my game by miles! I'm truly hopeful to be picked as one of the 6! Thanks for the opportunity!
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