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  2. Your first name : Jay Home state : California Current driver/shaft/shaft weight : Epic SZ/ Aldilia Rogue I/O 110 MSI / 60 X Current swing speed : Driver Swing playing speed 113-117
  3. 1. First name and home state or province Jay, California 2. Current handicap 5.3 3. Current driver and shaft combo Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 - Fubuki ZT 60x5ct in X flex 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance Avg - 108 and 276 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer Wesley Bryan ( how cool has his last couple of years been.) Additional testing qualifications; Have my own GC2 for testing as well as GameGolf ; http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Yrrdead
  4. Your Handicap: 5.6 Your State/Province: California Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 110mph , 270yds Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7+ Have over 200rds in GAMEGolf so would be a nice comparison with the Cobra Connect/Accros. Also have a GC2 so I can get some real numbers comparing with my current gamer (BBA 815) as well as my Cobra Ltd Pro.
  5. Your name, J. Silva home state/province/part of the world California Your handicap 6.2 Your current shot tracking system, if any Game Golf , Have 168rds on Game Golf so I'm pretty familiar with its benefits and limitations.
  6. Jay, CA We will ballpark it at about 30rds/yr hoofing it. Currently using a ClicGear 3.5+
  7. Jay Silva California 6.2 HI Hoping this will help maintain my face angle. I tend to struggle with pushes with shorter clubs and pulls with longer clubs. Also improve my low point control.
  8. Jay Modesto,CA Mizuno MP-54 w/ DG S300 Current HI: 6.5 Played with a gentleman w/ these in the bag looked good.
  9. Jay // California Callaway BB Alpha 815 - Fubuki α 70 X flex 111mph // 281avg
  10. - Your first name & home state Jay, California - Your current putter Odyssey BackStryke Marxman - Which MLA Tour Series or Pro Series Putter you'd like to test Tour XDream 33" RH - Your common miss: left, right or short Short
  11. Name: Jay State: California HI: 6.7 Current Long Iron/Hybrid: TM UDI 20* KBS Tour C Taper Lite 110 S Between my 3w and 4iron is my hardest slot to fill. I've yet to feel super comfortable with anything. I've gone from 3 wedges to 4 so I don't have the flexibility that I used to have. So far over the last 6-8mths I've rotated through; MP54 3i, X2Hot Pro 18* Hy, Diablo Octane Tour 18* 5w, Covert Tour 2.0 Hybrid, Diablo Edge 3hy, An old Ping Eye 2 2iron. I'm about to pull the shaft from that Covert and put it in the UDI......unless I have a new Crossover to play with.
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