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  1. First Name Jay City, State Newman,CA Current Driver in Play Ping G400 Max 9* set to 9.6 Handicap 10.7 Swing Speed 116 (Don't measure swing speed hardly ever. Have my own GC2 so I know my ball speed is generally low 170's. Playing ball speed is probably a little slower around 166-168) Which Driver Would You Like to Review Not very picky but TSI2 is more similar to my G400 but the TSI3 makes the tinkerer Jay get excited.
  2. Your first name : Jay Home state : California Current driver/shaft/shaft weight : Epic SZ/ Aldilia Rogue I/O 110 MSI / 60 X Current swing speed : Driver Swing playing speed 113-117
  3. 1. First name and home state or province Jay, California 2. Current handicap 5.3 3. Current driver and shaft combo Callaway Big Bertha Alpha 815 - Fubuki ZT 60x5ct in X flex 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance Avg - 108 and 276 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer Wesley Bryan ( how cool has his last couple of years been.) Additional testing qualifications; Have my own GC2 for testing as well as GameGolf ; http://www.gamegolf.com/player/Yrrdead
  4. Your Handicap: 5.6 Your State/Province: California Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 110mph , 270yds Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7+ Have over 200rds in GAMEGolf so would be a nice comparison with the Cobra Connect/Accros. Also have a GC2 so I can get some real numbers comparing with my current gamer (BBA 815) as well as my Cobra Ltd Pro.
  5. Your name, J. Silva home state/province/part of the world California Your handicap 6.2 Your current shot tracking system, if any Game Golf , Have 168rds on Game Golf so I'm pretty familiar with its benefits and limitations.
  6. Jay Silva California 6.2 HI Hoping this will help maintain my face angle. I tend to struggle with pushes with shorter clubs and pulls with longer clubs. Also improve my low point control.
  7. Jay Modesto,CA Mizuno MP-54 w/ DG S300 Current HI: 6.5 Played with a gentleman w/ these in the bag looked good.
  8. Jay // California Callaway BB Alpha 815 - Fubuki α 70 X flex 111mph // 281avg
  9. - Your first name & home state Jay, California - Your current putter Odyssey BackStryke Marxman - Which MLA Tour Series or Pro Series Putter you'd like to test Tour XDream 33" RH - Your common miss: left, right or short Short
  10. Name: Jay State: California HI: 6.7 Current Long Iron/Hybrid: TM UDI 20* KBS Tour C Taper Lite 110 S Between my 3w and 4iron is my hardest slot to fill. I've yet to feel super comfortable with anything. I've gone from 3 wedges to 4 so I don't have the flexibility that I used to have. So far over the last 6-8mths I've rotated through; MP54 3i, X2Hot Pro 18* Hy, Diablo Octane Tour 18* 5w, Covert Tour 2.0 Hybrid, Diablo Edge 3hy, An old Ping Eye 2 2iron. I'm about to pull the shaft from that Covert and put it in the UDI......unless I have a new Crossover to play with.
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