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  1. - Richard - Charlotte/NC - 104 and 7.4 - 5 hybrid, 4 hybrid, 3 hybrid, 3 wood Right Hand
  2. 1. Richard, NC 2. 7.4 hdcp 3. Mizuno MX-23 4. JPX 900 Tour I've entered a lot of these with no success, so I'm really hoping that my luck is about to turn! Really, really, really have my fingers crossed for this one...
  3. Richard, NC 7.4 hdcp Yes, Wilson Staff Goose Neck Irons (still have them) Mizuno MX-23s
  4. 1. Richard, NC 2. 7.4 3. Taylormade Burner Superfast 2.0 with stock stiff shaft 4. 105 - 255 yds 5. Kevin Kisner
  5. I have a few dozen putters with every grip under the sun, but my regular gamer is an oversized Tiger Shark. I'd be really interested in this grip, because the look/shape is pretty similar. Thanks!
  6. Congrats to those selected! Very bummed that I wasn't one of them. So, how exactly does someone win when their entire submission is one sentence, especially when they're being asked to write a review? Oh well... fingers crossed that we get some good reviews at the end of this.
  7. 1. HoganFit prescription. Standard Length, Lie, Grip Size KBS Tour V Stiff Shaft, Ben Hogan Performance Plus Grip Irons: 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45 Wedges: 49, 53, 57, 60 I thought the HoganFit website was pretty straight-forward. I was a little disappointed that the "Hogan" website didn't have a more frequent option than "weekly" for the question of how often you practice. Where's the "everyday rain or shine" option? At a minimum, copy the options from the question before it. Also, I currently play a split set, Mizuno MP-4/64, but that's not an option that you can enter. My guess is there are a lot of others that play a split set of irons, so it makes me wonder how accurate the online assessment really is, or is this a question that's really just trying to see who's at least interested, so you can better focus the next wave of marketing. I also found it interesting that there were only six listed wedge brands. I guess the Hogan folks aren't too big on my Cobra Tour Trusty wedges. Other than that, it was pretty easy to use and I really liked that you could retrieve your prescription. 2. Handicap 11.5 3. What the Hogan name means to me. Personally, I believe the Hogan name stands for the search for perfection, through hard work. I'm 43 years old and, as my handicap above would indicate, playing golf for a living is a little out of reach for me. In short, I'm not a great golfer...yet! Of course, I'm working like heck to get there. I just got back from the range, hitting shot after shot, looking for something promising, however small it may seem, to build upon when I go back again tomorrow, and then next day, and so on and so on, whether it's windy or hot or cold. Often, I look to Mr. Hogan for inspiration, as I work hard to build my swing, and more importantly as I look for the inspiration to continue working on it when it feels like I'm not making any progress. Like most golf nuts, I have a ton of golf clubs, but I only keep three in my den. My favorite of those is the Hogan Thins persimmon 4 wood. It's the best looking, sounding, and feeling club I've ever hit. To me, it provides a constant reminder that with you can find what you're looking for if you look for it long enough, and maybe one day I finally figure things out. Finally, as I continue to search for perfection in my golf swing, I know that the only hope for success is through hard work, as Mr. Hogan demonstrated. If I'm going to put that much work into my golf game, I want to know that the golf clubs I'm using are as close to perfection as they can possibly be. Of course, they would have to be if the Hogan name was on them. Thanks for the chance!
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