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  1. Gamers all the time. Why practice with something different than what you use on the course? Clubs are tools, not jewelry.
  2. Mark/Broomfield, CO Current Wedge Played: Mizuno T20 Loft You would Choose: 56°/Mid 10° Thanks!
  3. Faldo's idea of graphite iron shafts come from his own ancient experiences with them. To say graphite shaft technology has advanced since Faldo's playing days is on par with blimps vs. airplanes. For him to talk s*** about the shafts in Bryson's wedges (4 times during the telecast), determining that steel would be better for him, just shows how out of the loop he is. If he would actually do some research into what Bryson is using before pontificating about the benefits of steel, he might not sound like an old guard fool. I just wanted to throw something at the TV every time he started down that wedge shaft path. And as others have said ... once he DOES get his wedges dialed in, and you know he will cause that's what he does, he'll be the second coming of DJ after he worked out how to control his wedges.
  4. Mark / Colorado Handicap = 7.8 Current Hybrid in Play = TaylorMade R-15/19° What is the most important thing to you in a hybrid: that I get a consistent distance range, with good trajectory. I don't need to hit it a mile, I just want it to go 225-235 off the deck and I want to be able to hit it higher or lower if needed and stop on a green. I also want to be able to swing freely without worrying about it hooking.
  5. madi05, I have a Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 60 in regular that came with my original 2016 TM M1. I used it maybe 4 rounds before I had to go to stiff - It does have the TM adapter. If you're interest message me. Ciao
  6. Thank you for the response and action!
  7. I t would be very nice if I didn't have to click the TrueGolfFit pop-up box 3 times to close it on EVERY PAGE I go to on MGS. Thank you
  8. Mark - Broomfield, CO Swing Speed: 100-105 Current Primary Ball - Nike Platinum (almost out) Tell us of any previous experience with Snell Golf Balls: Bought a split dozen tester of MTB Red and Black from Snell last year - liked them both.
  9. Mark Maioli/Colorado Current Putter: Created an armlock putter last month, from a Cleveland Classic Black Platinum Belly Putter, to test the concept. Have only played 2 rounds due to the weather but it works! Have been interested in the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28, Model 2 and SIK Pro C armlock putters but there's but no place nearby to test one. Previous putter = EVNROL ER2 ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters: They make great looking, high quality, milled putters
  10. 1. Mark - Colorado, US hcp = 7.9, SS 100-104 3. Current driver = 2016 TM M1 10.5° 4. Very much interested int the Epic Flash Sub Zero Thanks!
  11. Your first name: Mark Home state: Colorado Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: TaylorMade M1 (2016)/Project X Handcrafted Evenflow Blue Stiff/65g Current swing speed: 100-105 Thank you for your consideration! I think this would be a great system to check out and evaluate.
  12. Mark Colorado, USA 8.3 GHIN Your current irons set/shaft: Mizuno MP-64 w/ Rifle shafts (stiff) Your PING choice = i210 I have a few friends who play the i200s and like the look of them so am definitely curious about the i210s as they look even better (in pictures anyhow). A little more compact at address with less offset - just what I like. Sign me up!
  13. Have been looking at these clubs and VERY interested in how they've improved them over the first version. Mark - Colorado age 61 / hcp 9.4 Current iron set/makeup: 4-iron = Callaway X Forged UT 5-iron = Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Hi 6-PW = Mizuno MP-64 Thanks
  14. This is awesome, good luck everyone! Your Name & Age - Mark Maioli / 60 Where You Live - Broomfield, CO Your biggest golf bugaboo - missing a lot of greens with my irons from 120-180 yds
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