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  1. madi05, I have a Kuro Kage TiNi Silver 60 in regular that came with my original 2016 TM M1. I used it maybe 4 rounds before I had to go to stiff - It does have the TM adapter. If you're interest message me. Ciao
  2. Thank you for the response and action!
  3. I t would be very nice if I didn't have to click the TrueGolfFit pop-up box 3 times to close it on EVERY PAGE I go to on MGS. Thank you
  4. Mark - Broomfield, CO Swing Speed: 100-105 Current Primary Ball - Nike Platinum (almost out) Tell us of any previous experience with Snell Golf Balls: Bought a split dozen tester of MTB Red and Black from Snell last year - liked them both.
  5. Mark Maioli/Colorado Current Putter: Created an armlock putter last month, from a Cleveland Classic Black Platinum Belly Putter, to test the concept. Have only played 2 rounds due to the weather but it works! Have been interested in the Bettinardi Studio Stock 28, Model 2 and SIK Pro C armlock putters but there's but no place nearby to test one. Previous putter = EVNROL ER2 ONE sentence that describes Bettinardi putters: They make great looking, high quality, milled putters
  6. 1. Mark - Colorado, US hcp = 7.9, SS 100-104 3. Current driver = 2016 TM M1 10.5° 4. Very much interested int the Epic Flash Sub Zero Thanks!
  7. Your first name: Mark Home state: Colorado Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: TaylorMade M1 (2016)/Project X Handcrafted Evenflow Blue Stiff/65g Current swing speed: 100-105 Thank you for your consideration! I think this would be a great system to check out and evaluate.
  8. Mark Colorado, USA 8.3 GHIN Your current irons set/shaft: Mizuno MP-64 w/ Rifle shafts (stiff) Your PING choice = i210 I have a few friends who play the i200s and like the look of them so am definitely curious about the i210s as they look even better (in pictures anyhow). A little more compact at address with less offset - just what I like. Sign me up!
  9. Have been looking at these clubs and VERY interested in how they've improved them over the first version. Mark - Colorado age 61 / hcp 9.4 Current iron set/makeup: 4-iron = Callaway X Forged UT 5-iron = Ben Hogan Ft. Worth Hi 6-PW = Mizuno MP-64 Thanks
  10. This is awesome, good luck everyone! Your Name & Age - Mark Maioli / 60 Where You Live - Broomfield, CO Your biggest golf bugaboo - missing a lot of greens with my irons from 120-180 yds
  11. I've been fantasizing about trying these Hogan PTx irons for some months now and am excited by this opportunity. first name - Mark home state/province - Colorado current handicap - 5.5 (GHIN)
  12. I would love to try these out. Have been thinking about demoing some Ft. Worth 15s but am going to wait till I can afford them cause I have a feeling I might HAVE to have a set after hitting them. If/when I get a set I would definitely consider getting the Hi irons in 4 & 5 lofts. 1. Your first name and home state/province - Mark, Colorado 2. Your current handicap - 4.3 3. The longest iron you're comfortable hitting - 4 iron
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