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  1. Damon, Dallas Ft. Worth Metroplex I usually stay sharp by practicing at my local practice facility when the weather permits, otherwise I putt at home, everyday. I have been using the Well Putt Start to ensure I keep the ball started on line and its helped immensely. I would like to try the Birdie Ball Medium Green Speed
  2. I'm a 12 Handicap and to me, Hogan means a beloved memory of growing up learning to play the game. My father taught me the game of golf with a very old, cut down set of his clubs (I'm sure he used it as an excuse to purchase a new set of his own!). Following the lessons from Ben Hogans Five Lessons, The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, my father improved his game while at the same time teaching me to pursue ball-striking excellence. I worked day and night and learned a work ethic my father said Ben Hogan would be proud of. After spending years practicing, and playing with that old set of cut do
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