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  1. FWIW I know several people who have acquired these. They say Consistency is a strong suit, however ball speeds are lower than other drivers in their rota...and this is from several people. Notice that about half of the tour pro's on TM staff are sticking with the R9, yet have, say, the white hybrid or fairway metal in play? Who knows? Clubs have varying results with different individuals. I think those white clubs couldn't be any uglier though.
  2. I have to post about this one. I gave the original poster my opinion in a private message. If you want a bag, and never walk--just get one that will fit in your car. If you walk, there are two - maybe 3 - bag companies that make the grade. Period. Sun mountain 3.5, or slx. Ping hoofer, or 4 under. Titleist--which is basically a sun mountain. Many Titleist only have 1 strap for some reason though. The other stand bags are absolute joke. If you have no complaints about such monstrosities such as ogio, Nike, callaway, taylormade, et al. that is because your stand bag is put directl
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