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  1. Will (Austin, TX) Swing Speed: 110 MPH Current Primary Ball: Snell MTB Black Previous experience with Snell Golf Balls: I was introduced to the Snell My Tour Ball a couple years ago by a friend. I loved these balls the first time I played them. I have only played the original MTB and the newer MTB Black. To me they feel every bit as good as a premium tour ball (ProV1). I'm a big fan of the ease in ordering and the price point. Over the past couple years, I've placed four orders (six doz each), and all four orders included a handwritten "thank you for your order" written
  2. Will Stewart FW-15 IRONS 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41, 45 TK 15 WEDGES 49, 53, 57 RIGHT HAND KBS TOUR V STIFF +.75″ LENGTH STANDARD LIE GOLF PRIDE Z-GRIP CORD WHITE/BLACK GRIP HDCP. 10 The HoganFit experience was amazing. I really liked how it showed the gaps in my current equipment, and how these clubs could help fill those voids. HOGAN: The name Hogan is synonymous with TEXAS GOLF. Perseverance is a word that comes to mind when I think of Hogan. He won 9 of 16 majors he competed in from 1946 – 1953. Sandwiched in between all of these major victories was a wreck that should have cost hi
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