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  1. Hogan Fit Results: Tour-V Stiff +.25 2* Up Ben Hogan Performance Plus - Standard Lofts: 22,26,30,34,38,42,46,50,55,60 Index: 2.8 I thought the fitting experience was clever. I like that it prefers a 4 wedge bag as that is my preference as well. I find my self constantly modifying my bag setup adding and dropping the 3 iron based on course setup and sometimes going to a 3 wedge bag. By being able to fine-tune the bag makeup I can create a weak 3/strong 5 combination that will allow me to settle on 14 full-time clubs. On Ben Hogan: For me, Ben Hogan is about fundamentals and finding perfection, again and again. When I was about 12 I took my grandfather's old set of Sam Snead Reminder Grip irons down to the local sports field to try them out. It was mostly a lesson in humility but after some tips from my grandfather and trying to emulate the pros i saw on tv, I started to figure it out. The best thing about learning golf through an honest set of clubs is you get honest results and critical feedback. I used those old Sneads throughout my teens until I purchased my first set which I used for another ten years bringing my handicap down to the mid single digits. Frustrated by stalled improvement I started playing game improvement clubs in the hope of getting to the next level. It didn't work, and, over time I lost my feel for translating the desired ball flight with the proper swing, replaced by the dullness of hitting. So one night I pulled out those old Sneads and went to the range and again it was a lesson in humility, but, it was also a rediscovery of why I've loved this game for nearly 30 years. For the last couple of years I've been working on the fundamentals, from grip and tempo to playing shots and managing a round. I've also had the pleasure in playing some pretty good sets of irons, but just haven't found the perfect set yet. I think these Hogan's are exactly what I've been looking for. The v-sole is ideal for the Mid-Atlantic course conditions I experience. The blend of sweat-spot forgiveness and muscle back thump brings a smile to face just thinking about pulling one from my bag. I'm very much looking forward to putting these in practice and play. Best, James
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