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  1. Average number of rounds you play annually: 30 Current handicap: 3.5 Your Current Putter: Byron Morgan 007 with SuperStroke Flatso 1.0 Would love to give this a test in my winter garage golf lab!
  2. 1. Jeremy from Minnesota 2. 5.5 handicap 3. I have recently been working hard on getting to this impact position (bump & turn hips, shaft lean, right shoulder slow). Most of this work is done by getting in that position before swinging and depending on my brain and feels to get back to there on the downswing. The DST Compressor would help me accomplish this practice with better consistency and feedback, without having to rely on my fleeting attention to get there. Thanks MGS!
  3. Jeremy Wang Minnesota (I have a 15' putting surface in my heated garage) Current gamers: Odyssey Black Series Tour Designs / White Hot Pro #9 Have been looking to get back into a blade putter, but haven't fallen in love with one yet! (well, maybe a PING Anser #4)
  4. HoganFit Prescription: (photo attached) Similar to my Mizuno/Ping setup, with an added wedge and going a degree stronger in the 4-PW. The experience was similar to the Ping fitting results, without as many physical attributes to report (height, hand measurements, etc.). Interesting to read analysis of gapping and how the lofts match up with the iron numbers. Handicap: 7.4 What the Hogan name means to me: Hogan means the pursuit of perfection through fundamentals. It means finding the truth in the dirt by trying and testing yourself over and over and over. To me, Hogan is synonymous
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