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    Playing golf! I take golf seriously. I do know when to have fun with it though. I love scrambles!
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  1. I played behind a foursome Sunday at my home course. We have red, grey, white, blue and then gold tees. These guys had one player at the grey, 2 at the white and one at blue. I am not trying to be mean about this, because 3 of them were older gentlemen. This was a disaster from the get go. You can not hold people up by playing three sets of tees in one group. That is not an excuse. We called the ranger out and the ranger told them to speed up or let us play through. They finally sped up. My problem is, you see us waiting every single shot. Why do we have to call a ranger out there for y'all to speed up? After we already politely asked for y'all to let us play through.
  2. It sounds like you have some golf skills and a strong mind to get back out and bring the handicap down to a 9. Congrats on the recovery! Keep playing well!
  3. I played this past Saturday, Sunday and Monday! It was hot as ever but fun. I shot a 80 on Saturday with three doubles in my first nine. I had one birdie that round. I kept my cool and still had fun. Sunday I started out great with a birdie on hole 1 and finished with a bogey on hole 9. I birdied hole 10 which put me back at 1 under for the round. I got to my kryptonite. Hole 14! I doubled it, pared the 15th, doubled 16th, pared 17th and bogeyed the 18th. This is where I seem to not be able to do anything right. This stretch of holes on my home course. Monday was almost as bad as Sunday. I shot a 82 with 4 doubles and 2 bogeys. Man I was struggling that day. I still kept my cool and enjoyed the round. I will eventually be able to keep my cool and rebound at the same time.
  4. I understand where you are coming from! Thank you for the positive attitude for sure. I am sorry about not answering where I live in Georgia. I thought I did mention it. I live in Lowndes County. We have 5 courses. Four are public and one is Private. My regular course is Stone Creek. The nicest course around is Kinderlou. They are all under 50 dollars to play on the weekend. The last time I checked. (About 3 months ago)
  5. Anyone that has that going against them in life and can get out and do what they like is a great inspiration. It show that you have a strong mind and willpower . That is what I need to think about when I get mad or lazy. I need to be grateful and have that mindset while playing golf. Good Luck with it all!
  6. Keep it up! You will get to your goal again. I have a friend that started playing about 6 months ago. He never really cared before because he would shoot around 100 every round. He started practicing more and with in a month or so, he started breaking 100. another 2 or so months he started breaking 90. now he is in his mid to high 80's and has been there for months. He is happy with that and is glad that he never gave up. Good luck with it all! Go get your goal of breaking 90 again!
  7. That is super tough! I have a long time ahead of me to get to that point! Congratulations!
  8. Y'all keep the stories coming. I love getting on here at the beginning of my day and seeing these cool and inspiring stories.
  9. Y'all have some great advice and good events to back the advice up. I can relate more than ever to the events that happen to you all. It makes me feel better about my game and the future of it. Knowing that there are things to still try out. I most of the time find myself trying to make a big shot to make up a penalty on the same hole. I need to take the advice from y'all and focus on a good recovery rather than try to make a big shot in hopes of still scoring low. I for sure need to change something. Thank y'all! Keep the advice coming and the good stories. It helps me out and I am sure it helps others also.
  10. I have been thinking about what y'all have written on this post. I do not mentally approach the ball with the intention of playing my shot in my head. I look at where the ball needs to go and then hit. I need to make that a big part of my pre shot. I will enforce that this Saturday. As RoverRick mentioned! RevKev, I see where you are coming from. I actually have a hole that is a par 5 with water on the right 100% of the hole and water/ out of bounds on the left side of the hole. Out of the last ten times that I have played it. I have scored 5 double, 3 bogeys, 1 par and 1 eagle. This hole is a nemesis to me and I actually dread it. This is where I need that positive mental image you speak of. Kor.A.Door, I get that feeling of the physical drain when playing sometimes. It is almost like you can be physically tired but playing good at the same time and your good mind set allows your body to keep going and feeling good. Then you have the mind bog and it is almost like it drains you physically no matter how good you felt in the beginning. jbil8802, That sounds just like me sometimes. Starting out with 2 doubles in the first 6 to 9 holes. That is a big reason for this post. Sometimes I add a bogey or a couple after that and then I am done most of the time and end up with a bad round. Thank y'all for the replies!
  11. I have come to the conclusion, that one whole or one shot really does cost me a 9 or sometimes my whole round. I do have a laid back temper with people. Golfing just seems to break me down mentally some times. I can be 1 or 2 over after 5 or 6 holes and be happy. I some how always get 2 to 3 doubles in a round. one is not a head buster, but two or three is mentally bad for me. I rarely recover if I have 2 doubles within the first 9 holes. I know that we have all been in the spot where we feel like we can never get anything right in a round of golf. My biggest mental fault is when I hit a nice tee shot, nice second shot on the green and then 3 putt. My other is when I almost drive a green and then come out with a bogey because of a bad chip shot and a three putt combined. How do y'all recover from a bad hole or a bad shot?
  12. No golf till Saturday!

  13. Not many things bother me on the course. I play with random folks all of the time. I am able to see ridiculous and great actions on the course by doing that. I played yesterday in a two man match play tournament. We had to play two other teams in the 18 hole tournament. I have never been in a tournament with such a obnoxious person in my years of playing with a bunch of random folks. You can talk in my back swing, cuss, throw your clubs, walk in my line so on and so on. I was pushed to my limit yesterday though. The group that I was playing with had to have a conference on every single shot they made. They were taking so long, that I almost quit. We played 37 minutes behind schedule because of these two guys. They would talk and talk and talk and then hit a bad shot or miss a putt. If it was suppose to be a psychological test. Then I failed it! I could not believe that someone could actually talk so much in 9 holes of golf. (The team that we were playing with on the next 9 actually sent the marshal out to check on us because they have been waiting so long.) He had something to say about everything my team did and his team did. Has anyone else been in this situation? What are some distractions and pet peeves that y'all have or have been through?
  14. This is what I am looking for. I really do appreciate the information you have shared. I struggle with being random at my game. I can hit a 50 yard shot 3 ft from the pin, drop a ball and hit the exact shot 20 15 ft from the pin. My chipping was on fire today. Yesterday I could chip without Hitting it thin or getting it close. I also seem to not be able to remember every time I chip to keep my head down. I kept track of the grass mark on my chips and it was scattered on the face yesterday. It is almost like I twitch on my downward action before I hit the ball. I will read up and take the info to the course. Thank you. Y'all have me laughing with the 19th hole.
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