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  1. Chris, Kentucky diamana df 60tx mavrik sub zero 112mph Improve dispersion and increase speed by 1-2 mph. yes I have access to a launch monitor
  2. 1. Chris-Kentucky-BBN 2. 3.9 3. M1 430 9.5 Tour AD BB 7X 4. 109mph-Carry 271 5. Captain America (Reed)
  3. Handicap-3 Hogan means the search for perfection. For some reason the shaft I chose is the kbs v tour stiff but the regular shows up. Congratulations, Chris. Here are 'Your Hogans' Your new Ben Hogan Fort Worth 15 irons and TK-15 wedges are shown here, along with your specifications for shaft, length, lie and custom specifications, if any. Building your irons and wedges with the same shaft and specifications will improve your feel and performance. Feel free to add or delete clubs from this order form, or explore other changes. When you have 'your Hogans' the way you want them,
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