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  1. Handicap: 2.7 Current 3W: Bio Cell+, Aldila Tour Blue stiff shaft. I hit 3W a lot off the tee with several tight, shorter par 4s on my home course. And I probably hit it off the deck once a round on the long par 5. I love the Bio Cell+ (great off the fairway with its smaller size and still a beast off the tee). Would be great to see how the newer Cobra 3W stacks up!
  2. Handicap: 2.3 Hogan means precision. His name is the sound the club should make when the ball is struck perfectly in the center, a tribute the best ballstriker ever. As I have gotten better over the last 5 years (from a 15 handicap), I've been paying much more attention to distance control. This gets complicated when companies now introduce 27-degree 6 irons and 45-degree PWs. I know what lofts I want to play, but most major companies don't offer them any more. That's why the new Hogan system is so exciting -- I can simply choose exactly the right lofts. That's precision, and Mr. Hoga
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