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  1. I'm just happy the range is open again. I've played 2 rounds with them so far. 86 and 87. I'm still adjusting. They are noticeably more forgiving than the Mizunos. I also hit the ball higher and farther. Not a lot, but enough to make a difference. With the ranges being open again, I plan to get some range time in before Saturday's round. I "would" play Monday, but the high for that day is 100 degrees in Bakersfield. My golf addiction is cured once triple digits hit. I once played in Dubai in 127 degree heat and made God a promise that if I survived, I wouldn't tempt death on the course again. To each their own.
  2. These are my first hollow bodied irons. I can honestly say I've had too many irons over the years. I started playing golf in 1996. In 24 years, I had the Mizuno's in the bag for 9 years. Before that, I went through at least 7 sets of irons that I can remember (none hollow bodied). The only thing that might come close to hollow body is the Callaway Fusion I had years ago. Short irons performed great. High trajectory, soft feel. The only issue I had was grabbing an 8 when I should have grabbed a 7 into the wind.
  3. Do it! Do it now!!! (in my Arnold voice) My Mizunos have the Dynalite Gold XP (I think). My 0211s have the Elevate 95 shaft in stiff flex. I used to be a strictly Dynamic Gold player (woods and irons) until back surgery changed my whole outlook on golf. A little help getting the ball higher works for me.
  4. I ordered my PXG 0211's on April 15th and received them on Thursday, April 30th. There was also a Gen 1 Mustang putter in the box (couldn't pass up for $95). I cam from Mizuno JPX 800 Pro irons to the 0211. I'm a 14 handicap. What plagues my game is consistency. I have shot a 38 on the front nine and followed it up with a 48 on the back 9. My first round under 100 started with a 57 on the front (41 on the back). With that in mind, my goals for new irons were a little workability for days when I'm playing like I have clue and forgiveness on my bad days when I'm landscaping. I'll give my impressions on how the new sticks compare with my old ones. Looks: I was totally impressed with the appearance of these clubs. One thing I noticed was the progressive nature of the set, both in terms of shaft length and in offset. The 4-iron had noticeably more offset than the Mizunos. The offset in the mid irons and wedges was very similar. The lines of the club flowed well. I don't like a lot of offset in my irons, and the 4-iron, while having noticeable offset, didn't distract me at all. I think the 0211s present a very clean look. Sound: For me, these irons sound great. There's a bit of a click at impact with a well-struck ball. I liked it. Feel: Coming from Mizuno irons, I was surprised that a cast club could feel this good. I hit a 5-iron to a 190-yard pin, and it literally felt like butter. As soon as I hit it, I said, "that has to be the sweet spot!" I don't think I gave up anything in the feel department switching from Mizuno JPX to these. Forgiveness: What can I say, I mess up on the course....a lot. I've been working on ball positioning which affects grip placement, etc. Caught one off the toe and thought I was screwed. I lost maybe 10 to 15 yards. yes, they passed the forgiveness criteria for me. Distance: The 4-iron is about 1/3" longer than my old 4. The lengths in the mid and short irons are virtually identical. Even with the slightly stronger lofts, I'm getting higher ball flight and more distance (in the 5+ yard area). Overall Impression: In total, I'm pleased with my purchase. I was considering ordering Callaway Apex's through their preowned site for roughly the same price (more when you factor in lie angle adjustments and shaft extensions). Glad I went the route I did. While I wish I could go christen them at the range, they received a COVID-19 induced battlefield commission. I shot an 88 with my wedges on strike for the day. Essentially, these are staying in the bag. I attached a few comparison photos. Mizunos are on the left, 0211's on the right. My ability to balance clubs on my shoulder while taking photos needs some work.
  5. If the Kuba Kuba (which I like) is too flavored but you still like flavor, take a look at The Upsetters. Their Original Rude Boy is bold with some flavor as well. It will take a moment to smoke because it's a 60-ring. One of my current go-to cigars is the Zola, also by the Upsetters. It's a bit smaller (52) but a great smoke for me. if you like the Acid brand, take a look at the Cigar Legends by Drew Estate from Cigars International. At around $100 for a box of 20, they're a bargain.
  6. 1. Location: Bakersfield, CA 2. Current Bag: Sun Mountain Phantom' 3. Things I Look For: 14 full dividers, a putter well, low handle for easy loading into my truck, something that fits my Clicgear push cart or a riding cart, pockets that are accessible when on either cart type, durability, light weight, simple color scheme, solid base, pockets for all my stuff (course accessories, rangefinder, gloves, sunglasses, cigar accessories), towel ring
  7. Well, everyone can't be in the Navy! 19 plus many more............true lifer! Stay safe out there.
  8. May I have the Veteran badge as well as the Broke 90 badge. I didn't see one for "almost broke 80", but I'm still trying.
  9. @silver & black, are you a proud member of Raider Nation? I am!
  10. Thank you @LakeCowboy. Clubs showed up yesterday. I was going to post some comparison photos of those and my JPX 800 Pros before I christen them tomorrow. Can't wait!
  11. Ironically, I enjoy Shannon Sharpe's crazy antics regarding football. Then again, he did win 2 Super Bowls as a player. Plus, I got a glimpse at his off-season prep work...workhorse. I remember him giving weight and body fat numbers (single digit) for his off-season conditioning and saying he had failed at getting ready if he didn't meet those targets. He has a large mouth, but backed it up as a player. Skip Bayless is in the Brandel category for me.....
  12. I have one of those little neoprene pouches with terry cloth inside. I wet the terry cloth before my round, and it stays wet for the entire round. I usually only clean my balls (golf) when I see dirt. I read that Ernie Els tosses a ball once he gets a birdie with it. He says balls are only good for one birdie. I believe that superstition would go away if he were paying for his balls.
  13. Maybe it's just me, but I can't stand listening to Brandel Chamblee ramble on about what PGA tour players are doing wrong. This guy won the Greater Vancouver Open in 1998 for his lone tour victory. Yet, he has an opinion on what so many tour players are doing. If he were so great, why does he only have ONE tour victory? I guess what really grinds my gears is that so much air time is given to a guy who, obviously, couldn't get it done as a player. Maybe I'm the only one, but I either mute the TV or turn the channel when he's yapping.
  14. Feedback is much appreciated. My Mizunos are 1/2 inch long and 2 degrees upright. I compared my specs with the stock 0211 specs and ordered accordingly. I went with 1/2" long and 1 degree up on the lie angle. I've made it a point to not go as hard at the ball as I used to. I'm 45 but had back surgery when I was 27. I've learned that clubbing up is better than aggravating my back. Those 5 to 8 yards could really come in handy. I'll keep you all posted.
  15. After playing the same irons (JPX 800 Pro) since 2011/12, I have finally decided to upgrade my irons. Courses here are open, but the ranges are closed. As a result, my new sticks will get a baptism by fire on the course Saturday. I have PXG 0211 irons (4-GW) coming in addition to a Gen 1 Mustang Black Dot putter. Feel free to hit me up with any questions related to these irons or the putter. Since most PXG fitting locations are closed, they agreed to check my specs once we return to normal; whenever that is. I'll be as honest and frank as possible. As a veteran, I believe in supporting companies that support veterans. The PXG Heroes deal, which just so happens to be open to everyone now, is a great way to expand the brand. I just really hope I like these.
  16. As an update, I emailed Sun Mountain last week. They requested that I send them photos of the damage. Then, after receiving my photos, offered to repair the bag for only $45 (return shipping included). I think that's a great deal and great service. The repair will consist of stitching rubber/vinyl patches over the wear spots (like the new C-130) and inspecting the bag for any additional damage. I think they've convinced me to keep my bag longer. Other than the annoying holes, the bag is fine. To me, this represents great customer service.
  17. In my opinion, a putter must be appealing to the eye. I always keep mine in a cover. I hate seeing a putter get all dinged up from bag chatter. However, some people think the dings build character. I guess to each their own. One thing I've noticed is that my putter looks better when putts are dropping.
  18. I have been through several hybrids myself. All the gurus say that us mid-handicap golfers should be playing a hybrid. I hate them. Last year, I went to a 7 wood and love it. I used to think of the 7 as an "old man" club. I used to play with a guy who used his 7 wood for everything from 150 yards to 200. He was in his late 60's and could hit that thing as accurate as I hit my 9 iron. When I got fed up with trying hybrids, I put the 7 in my bag. Haven't looked back.
  19. Hi: I guess I'll give this info a shot. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I took golf as a PE elective my senior year at the U.S. Naval Academy in 1996. So, I've been playing 24 years. I normally shoot in the mid 80's. I've shot 80 several times but always figure out how to screw up my trip into the 70's. What do you love about golf? I love the challenge. I like to problem solve. Since I always get into trouble, I have to work my way out. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Usually equipment and other info. I don't know any spies. Where are you from? What is your home course? I was born and raised in VA. I move to California 9 years ago. I came for a job; stayed for a woman. I usually play one of 3 county courses in Kern County. I guess my home course would be Buena Vista golf course in Taft, CA. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Best: lots of courses to play. Worst: lots of days where the high temperature is over 100 degrees. What do you do for a living? I'm a manager in the Public Works dept for the county. How’d you pick your user name? It's a song: Heyyyyyy Little Walter!
  20. Nice bag for sure........even though the clubs look backwards. I noticed Snell golf balls in your signature; my go to ball.
  21. Well it is 4 years old. Maybe that's to be expected. I did notice that the new C130 bag has rubber in that exact spot where the wear is.
  22. I use gps for an estimate and the rangefinder for accuracy.
  23. As the title suggests, I have a Sun Mountain Phantom that has some where near the top where it rests against the cart rack. The bag pulls double duty in riding carts as well as on my Clicgear 3.0. Has anyone else had issues like this? Is this something Sun Mountain will remedy, or do I just deal with it until I upgrade bags?
  24. Another vote for Clicgear 3.5. I'm rolling the 3.0. Bought my fiance the 3.5. Loving both of them. No issues whatsoever. Actually, the umbrella holder fell off somewhere, and Clicgear sent me a replacement for free. They included a nice little ball washer for my trouble.
  25. Deion Sanders said, "if you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good." I know he's not a golfer (to my knowledge), but it makes sense to me. So many people want to analyze the stroke path/type and match that to a style of putter and neck. In theory that makes sense. Maybe even statistically. However, I tend to putt better with a putter that looks good to me. I've been through far too many in 20+ years of a love/hate relationship with golf. I've had Pings, Scottys, Oddysseys, Bettinardis, and some that I'm sure I'm forgetting. I putt better when I'm confident in what I'm swinging. Others may feel different. If it doesn't look good, it's not for you. Then again, I'm the guy that wouldn't consider the new Callaway woods because of the green accents (my least favorite color if it isn't money).
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