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  1. We had a little girl. She was 6 lbs 6 oz and she already has a diva personality. She loves blankets more than I could ever imagine and loves to wake her daddy up at night. Her mom was a champ pushing her out, and I still have no idea how women do it. She is home doing well and hopefully I can get her a mini plastic set next summer when she starts walking (her mom walked at 8 months, so hopefully she will too). Her success of the LPGA tour will be my retirement .
  2. Well all, sorry for the long absence from the forums. We just had our first kid and getting ready for her and the weeks after have been time consuming to say the least. I have missed the boards and now that its winter in Ohio, I shall miss the golf. Happy to be back though!
  3. I have said it before, but the list of young talent on Tour is bigger than in my lifetime. It only bodes well for the entire game of golf in the world, but more in the states, growing. Jason, Jordan, Rory, Ricky,......these four not only represent youth, but also competition in the market (I would include Dustin, but due to Paulina and his habits, and that he shares the same items as Jason, he is excluded for me): Jason - Addias, Taylormade Rory - Nike...Nike oh and a video game Ricky - Cobra, Puma Jordan - UnderArmour, Titleist Youth latch on and are HUGE to imitate. Kids today will pick their favorite of this group and buy to the heaven's to have the same new irons, polos, shoes. This is great news for the golf industry!!! Maybe with this more courses will be able to stay open and contraction can cease!!! If today's group of young talent on the Tour does not encourage and drive more young kids to the course, nothing ever will. I am positive we will see that growth!!!
  4. Daly's club chuck into the lake is the highlight of my work day
  5. WHIIIIIIIISTLING STRAITS!!! Can we see the American sweep? I give that a 2-3 odds of happening. It is great to see young Americans (yes not just Spieth) dominating the game right now. I love international competition, but outside of Tiger, we haven't seen this field of consistently good American golfers in quite sometime! Sorry I missed yesterday, work was CRAZY and my wife's mother is visiting till Sunday... Since Spieth fails at the sweep, I wanna see a Johnson take this one (even though I dislike him). But, in the off chance that will not occur, I think the newest American, Jason Day, deserves this win...he's the local here, and lets face it, he is American now!!!
  6. Welcome! I love your country! My wife and I visited last summer and we will surely return!
  7. I think Spieth is like Ricky Fowler but good...he is still young, and appealing to that crowd. He will get the young generation of copycats and kids that only do "what is cool" to buy into under armour gear just so they "think they have what the best has." As long as he keeps winning, he is in. And that crowd, once they actually get into golf, will probably stick with him, as they did with Tiger Woods and Nike back in the day. Also, alot of the younger crowd already wear under armour for their other sports, so it will be easy for them to not "look like flip flops" with their apparel (and yes this is a big thing with younger people). Spieth will not get the entrenched or devout golfer in his marketing campaigns, but they are already sold in the game, so UA will only pick off where they can there.
  8. I have always said that UA signing Spieth will be their game changer, but only apparel golf. Never in a million did I think they would have a chance at equipment. However, buying a brand like TM would put them in a place where UA golf equipment COULD be a contender. All speculation ofcourse.
  9. Should be written as "97 today, which marks me finally breaking 100!" (sarcasm) F'in up some commas!!!
  10. This test could not come at a better time for me! I need a new putter and am about to start trying some out, this will be great for that!
  11. Played this weekend with Mr. Theo. Beautiful day (finally) here in Ohio. It was my first time out with new Ping Irons and TMR15 driver I picked up used. Had my best chip in ever! However, the highlight of the day was seeing someone on their hands and knees trying to hammer the tee into the ground. Yes the tee box grounds were that hard. That and plans flying ever so low made my day (it was the airport course).
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