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  1. 1. David / Nevada 2. 10 handicap 3. Ping i200 4. JPX 900 Forged would fit me best. Ive moved between iblades and i200s and find the i200s bring me a little more consistency.
  2. Name: David Home State: Nevada Handicap: 11 Current Irons: S55 4-PW
  3. David Gregoire Las Vegas, NV Strengths: Sand shots, full pitch shots Weakness: Partial pitch shots, chipping I would play a 50ss 54ss 58ws all green dot RH. I currently use a 56ss First gen glide and love it.
  4. My name is David Gregoire and I live in Las Vegas. I am currently about 90 percent cart, 10 percent walking. When I ride in a cart I use a Ping Pioneer bag and when walking I use an Ogio Spyke bag.
  5. David, 34, Nevada Stroke: slight arc Clutch putter: Tiger Woods
  6. Ive been golfing for a year. I average around 4 rounds per week and a couple days of practice and I am currently a 14 handicap. Since I started playing, one of my playing partners has always told me how much he missed his old Hogan Apex irons with Apex shafts. He always talks about how great they were. The Hogan brand to me represents American manufacturing excellence and a throwback to old iron forms. I have a fever I guess you could say and the only prescription is more hogan.
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