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  1. John California 2017 M1 440, Fujikura tour spec, Stiff, 74 grams 105 mph Love to give them a try!
  2. John from SoCal Taylormade Rossa 35" (just went back to it after years of sitting alone and unwanted in my garage) Odyssey O-Works #7 in red
  3. Name & Location - John/California Current Gamer - Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Custom Fit - No Preferred putter - Queen B 9 (looks gorgeous!)
  4. Sweet looking putter! 1) Los Angeles, CA 2) Scotty Cameron Newport 2 3) 6 footers when the match is on the line
  5. 1. John - California 2. Current handicap - 6.2 3. M1 Fujikura 6.3 Tour Spec 4. 105 270 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer-Phil the Thrill
  6. John California 6 Original Bushnell Pinseeker 1500 I'll be in the market for a new rangefinder soon. Sick of my buddies yelling "Land Ho" when I bring that giant thing out!
  7. Would love to try these out: Name: John Faieta State: CA Index: 8.1 Ball: ProV1x Rounds a month: 6-8
  8. First Name: John Home State: CA Current Index: 8.1 No current hybrid, play a Mizuno MP30 with stiff S300 shaft
  9. I carry a 4.2 current index and have been a fan of Mr. Hogan and the Ben Hogan brand since I read 5 Lessons almost 30 years ago. To me Mr. Hogan and the legendary brand he created is synonymous with golf. My first set of real clubs I ever owned were a set of Hogan Bounce Sole One Plus. I gamed those clubs for over ten years until they were stolen in the late eighties. I liked them so much I bought a used set online a couple years ago. These clubs are as old as I am but a well struck ball feels like butter coming off the face. To say I'm excited that the Ben Hogan name is being reintroduc
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