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  1. Favorite golf hole I have played is number 8 at Pebble Beach. It is a beautiful hole with a tough green to hit when the wind is blowing! The golf hole I would love to play is number 16 at Augusta National with the Sunday pin position.
  2. I am still playing with the 2019 Maxfli Tour golf balls, when I use those up I will try the 2021 Maxfli Tour golf balls.
  3. Looking for a replacement for my Rouge Irons, the T300 would be my choice if chosen!
  4. I am very interested in playing this new updated Maxfli Tour golf ball after reading the reviews for the 2019 version!
  5. Would love to test a Titleist golf ball that will help my golf game improve!
  6. These Puttout training system products are just what I need to improve my putting. Hope I can be part of the four participates that get to test these Puttout products!
  7. Like to play RTG at Palmetto Dunes. If you want the most challenging course at Palmetto Dunes play the Arthur Hills course. The Arthur Hills course at Palmetto Hall Plantation is also very good. I also like Oyster Reef & Old South. Enjoy your trip at HH!
  8. Would really like to test the Homma GS Series Driver in 10.5 degrees & the lighter shaft!
  9. Richard Marietta, GA Maxfli Tour Played Top Flight when I first started playing golf years ago.
  10. Richard Marietta, GA Callaway 2015 Great Big Bertha Handicap 20 Swing Speed 95 mph TSI2 R
  11. 1.Richard/Marietta, GA 2.Putt on my carpet and at the PGA store 3. Haven't used a home putting matt. 4. Medium speed putting matt
  12. Richard / Marietta, GA Odyssey #7 White Hot Ping Ketch
  13. Richard- Marietta, GA Several of the golf courses I play have rangefinders built into their carts , but they do not give your the correct slope readings. Several buddies have hand held rangefinders that give you front, middle & back distances, but they do not give the exact pin location yardages.When I play without those friends I just walk off the yardages from the nearest course markers, not very accurate yardage. The new technology will help all golfers with accurate yardages and also help speed up the play of golfers that use these new devices.For those reasons alone it will make golf more fun for all of us!
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