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  1. Quite surprised with the Most Wanted Rankings. Goes to show the importance of testing as many as possible with an open mind. I was most surprised by the forgiveness # of Cally DBD. I would never have thought it would beat the Ping G series in forgiveness. May need to give it a try (buying it may not be in the cards due to $$$).
  2. Based on availability in the used market, price, and the fact I needed to make a decision, I went with the D+. Just as jaskanski said, the Devotion feel is really good. It may be the best shaft for me but I'll wait a few months to try and sort out the dynamic loft issues and get fit again. As always, thanks to all who shared their insights and experiences.
  3. The X2 Hot Pro has a real good price on CPO. Maybe an option.
  4. Another thought, I think after some swing fixes, the choice will be something less stout than the Devotion but that is just a guess. The next fitting in 3 months will be the answer. Until then, I'll work with something close to what fits my current swing.
  5. You've nailed the problem on the head. The fitting for the equipment in my signature was REALLY bad (long story of $ down the drain). Although I have a very average swing speed, the fitter said I had an aggressive transition and that was the reason for seeing such wide dispersion and spin near 4K with the Fubuki. The heavier, lower torque shaft has resulted in about 5 mph more ss and smash factor is in the 1.47-1.49 range.
  6. Thank you, jaskanski...as always, your input makes sense and has proven very reliable for me in the past. My takeaway from your explanation is that I could use the D+ instead of the Devotion without noticing anything major. I was fit into the Devotion. However, the D+ was not one of the shafts tried out. Before people bring it up, yes, I would go with the fitted shaft and trust the fitter but I am currently taking lessons to correct some swing issues that are resulting in really high dynamic loft. Just want to get as close a fit to Devotion while I fix (reduce) swing issues. Plan on
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience. I have tried and crossed off the Cobra & TMag offerings. Glad to hear the XR16 Pro has good level of forgiveness.
  8. Which Callaway offerings are comparable to Ping G LS Tec in both spin and forgiveness? (There are lots of TM M series and Cobra King fans but in this thread please compare only old and new Callaway offerings. Thanks.)
  9. Need collective wisdom (especially from fitters on the forum) on how the following shafts compare to Oban Devotion 7 04 flex. Any knowledge of comparative tip stiffness, overall bend profile, subjective feel, and general experience with these shafts will be very helpful. 1. Aldila Rogue Silver 60 S - 69 gms, 3.4 torque 2. Diamana D+ PLUS 70 S - 71 gms, 3.2 torque 3. Fujikura Fuel 70 S - 76 gms., 3.1 torque 4. Aldila Rogue I/O 70 S - 71 gms, 3.3 torque The Devotion 7 04 has specs of 75 gms and 3.5 torque. Thanks for your inputs.
  10. Found another option of the ~80 gm fairway woods in the R/R+ flex. Accra Dymatch 2.0 and some other Accra (older) models may be options. Has anyone used these in FWs? No luck finding the original Blueboard as yet.
  11. Got a response from the shaft manufacturer's rep. He suggested using the same weight shaft in the 4 and the 7 wood if the option to go up 10 gm was not available for the 7 wood.
  12. I see from your signature that you went with the 60X. What were your reasons for not going with the 70X? The fitter gave me multiple shafts that I swung without even looking at them. None of them came close to the I/O 70S. Turns out I had tried 60 S & R of the Silver and the Ping Tour Spec 60. I just know that for the fairways, the driver shaft will have no bearing on which shafts perform best.
  13. Spent 1-2 hrs at the PGA Superstore testing various shafts. The results confounded multiple fitters there. Bottom line, as far as my swing characteristics are concerned, the rule of thumb for fairway woods just don't apply. Many of the experienced forum members had mentioned it before, today I think it was confirmed with a club in hand. I am waiting to hear back from a very helpful person at a shaft manufacturer. Will update when I hear from him. PS - today the Aldila Rogue RIP I/O 70 S was getting me 3-5 mph more ss and every fitter said that they would have never handed me this shaf
  14. Thank you jaskanski. Search begins for the original Blueboard. In the mean time I'm going with a UST AXIVCORE Tour Black which is 74 gms in R flex for the 4 wood and find some place to try out the Aerotech ss85 in case I don't have success finding the Blueboard.
  15. jaskanski thank you for your input. My search started after I was gifted a driver fitting. I was fit into an Aldila Rogue 60 R which is 67gm. My transition was deemed to be generally moderate with a mid/mid-late release. Though the Silver is pretty tip stiff, I got the best ball speed, and spin numbers with this shaft and my swing speed increased 5-7 mph. Launch was 15-17 degrees and spin was in the 2500 range. Compared to my current 57 gm shaft, I was getting 15-20 yards more carry. The fitter thought it was the difference in feel and confidence I got with a heavier shaft. He said I
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