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  1. 1. I started playing golf when I was probably 7 or 8 years old, maybe younger. Both of my Grandfathers and my Dad played all the time and started me very young. My grandfather recently passed away and when I was helping clean up his garage I found the old pitching wedge that he had cut down so I could learn the game as a kid. 2. I just love the outdoors and the peace and quite of the game. I love the challenge of the game and the fact that you never can perfect it. When I play I love to bomb drives and take risks, I have never been very good at playing smart and that is why my scores have probably never been as good as my potential is. 3. I found MGS while looking for reviews on clubs years back. I have lurked around ever since. 4. I am from South Jersey. (yes we divide the state up internally and everyone disowns the middle) I don't have a home course, but I was fortunate enough to grow up play Tavistock CC as a Caddy and my home course in High School. My Grandfather and Great Grandfather were members there for years. Now I just like to play and can appreciate any course. 5 Best thing about golf in my region is the number of courses. The worst thing about golf in my region is cost and the lack of 9 hole options. With a young daughter at home I can't always swing 18 holes. I wish more courses had an affordable 9 hole option. 6. I have been fortunate to be a full time firefighter for the last 25 years, 22 with my current department. I love what I do and am looking forward to retirement so I can spend more time with my family and play more golf. 7. My username is one I have had for years. A combination of my FD and my badge number.
  2. I just grabbed a Callaway 2017 Steelhead Xr of their preowned site for $70. I went with a 4 wood to replace both my 3 and 5 woods since I had cracked the face on my 3 wood and was considering dropping the 5 wood in favor of another wedge anyway. Just went out to the range to test it this week and I am super pleased. The ball flight is beautiful and it is easy to hit off the deck or off a tee. Worth looking at their sight. Replaced Nike Ignite t-60 woods too by the way, which I had been playing for 15+ years, but they flew great and were easy to hit with small heads.
  3. I still love my Proforce V2 76gr shaft I had installed in my Nike Sasquatch the black over yellow version. One of the best investments I made to improve my driving. Plus after 16 years I still bomb that thing down the middle. I am so tempted to shop for a new driver but I hit that shaft and head so well I am torn. I was even contemplating pulling the shaft to try it in a new head, although I’m sure there are better shafts out there now.
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