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  1. Here is an idea! Have a free fitting and whatever manufacture’s equipment you buy, have them pay for the fitting. With the price of equipment today, they could easily afford it. I realize there would have to be rules around the fitting, so people don’t rush in for a free fitting and never buy equipment. Just food for thought, and I am sure as I indicated, there is a lot more thought to put into a suggestion like this.
  2. Steve, maine Titleist 913 D3 w/ Diamana 62x5ct flex-s 92ss 18 HDCAP TENSEI CK ORANGE REGULAR
  3. Steve, portland,me 18 handicap Swing speed 89 Current driver Titleist 913 9.5 Mitsubishi diamond 62s G400 10 Deg reg flex
  4. 1.Steve-maine 2. Ping Anser (red dot) 3-pw, steel shafts (reg), Titleist 913 Driver, Titleist 913FD Fairway, Adams Red Hybrid, Taylormade 60 degree, Scotty Cameron Select M2 putter. 3. 15 index Get back to 12 index
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