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  1. John Giesler - Oakdale, CA

    Currently use a black sharpie

    Using an original version of the Line M Up tool, probably 12 years old or more

    Titleist AVX (white)

    Would like to use the Blue AlignXLPersonalized...but without any text (looks too distracting, but like the thicker line vs. the standard AlignXL)


    1. John Giesler, Oakdale, CA. 30 rounds per year 
    2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
    3. 16 hcp, 95-100 ss
    4. i25 irons, Triton driver, V-Steel fwys 
    5. One Length all the way! King wedges


    *Update*  Couldn’t hold off getting a set of Forged TEC One 5-G

    I’d still love to share my one length story but wouldn’t need those 7 irons!

  2. John Giesler, California


    I've been trying to give the wife the hint to get the DST for the past 2 birthdays with no luck.


    Being the father of a 2 y/o and working a job that leaves little daylight when off the clock my average round has gone from low 80s during my early twenties (while managing a green grass shop ) to mid 90s in my early 30s. I think the DST Compressor will give me the feedback needed to make the short, lunch break practice sessions worth while and build upon one another versus feeling like I start over each time. To put it simply, my swing feels like an unfolding lawn chair.


    I've been following the product reviews for quite a while and would love to see how this would help me and share my experience.

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