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  1. I loved Bryson's comments after the tournament that he was an "apprentice" learning what it was like to be in that environment. The guy is unassuming and has humility unlike some on tour I can think of. He will be and already is a great ambassador for the game.
  2. I had a hit in my club Wednsday competition yesterday. And for the first time in what felt like months played half decently. I came 5th in a field of about 65 players and managed to shoot 81 one under my current daily index and bang on my current Golf Australia index. I probably would have shot a 79 but from my "good" mate (a 3 handicapper) giving me the kiss of death after I birdied the 16th. He said "All you and I have to do is make 2 pars from here and we'll shoot 79 each." Now I'm one of those guys who is a great believer in the song "The Gambler" especially the line that says "there's time enough for counting when the day is done..." I stepped up on the 17th tee and all I had going through my head was "79" and got to make two pars and of course made two bogeys. It was a case of what could have been. Suffice to say at least I'm feeling like there is hope for my game now.
  3. Great story and outcome Sluggo. I have to admit I enjoy sticking it to some of the young tyros of our club out on the course, even the occasional sideways glance when we get to our balls after a particularly good drive and I'm past them. I figure enjoy it while I can
  4. There are some very clever and talented people in this world!
  5. Love your new avatar Kenny! I'm jealous and want one, but only another 2500 posts to go I'm guessing.
  6. Ahhh I love a bit of controversy. Nifty I think we should start that rival sanctioning body and start making some rule adjustments starting with: "any ball fairly struck with a conforming club off the first tee that lands anywhere but on the fairway entitles the player to an automatic mulligan and the first stroke does not count". "Further to this if the player has not had time to warm up prior to the round, the same rule shall apply to the 2nd shot on a par 4 if it fails to finish on the green and the second and third shot if the first hole is a par 5. If the first hole is a par 3 and the ball finishes in a green side bunker it may be lifted and dropped without penalty on the fairway." Just sayin'.
  7. I think the changes are excellent and good for the game. As has been stated by a few already, I never got the anchoring ban. If it was such an advantage Adam Scott would have several more majors under his belt by now. As would several other pros who use that method. I have personally had serious go at anchoring and there is just as much technique and talent required to putt well using the anchored method/s. I also believe that if it was such an advantage the pros being pros would all be taking advantage. To turn around and ban it after 30 odd years of allowing it seems crazy and has a bit of a funny smell to it. Just my opinion, I putt conventionally these days so I'm not affected by the ban. I will celebrate though when they change the rule and allow spike marks to be repaired on the green.
  8. All I can say about my game yesterday is "you know you are having a bad day when you can't even throw your clubs where you want them to go!". And yep it was that bad.
  9. You have posed the eternal question there Kenny. How the hell can someone, me, you anyone shoot the lights out one day and then go out and chop wood the next. I've tried being philosophical about it, but at the end of the day it frustrates the hell out of me and the older I seem to get the longer the gaps are between those good days and bad days with mainly bad days being the norm.
  10. Welcome to the forums, there are plenty of club ho's here so you'll fit right in
  11. Played my first serious round back since my weeks sojourn in hospital. Managed to shoot 81 (43, 38) which was bang on my current H/C index. It included a 70 yard pitch that took one bounce and got lost in the darkness at the bottom of the cup for birdie and saved my partner and I a buck in the side bets. We were getting annihilated by a pair of 20 something handicappers and had leaked so much oil there was none left to leak. It was a great day, with much laughter and mutual trash talking as well as respect when good shots were made. Still only running at about 90% but glad to be out there on the fairways!
  12. I've got an adjustable JPX 850 3 wood that is set on 16 degrees. It has been since I bought it and I love it. Off the deck I hit it as far as I do a 15 degree and maybe not as far off the tee - probably around 5 yards. I can hit it high or low and both ways. I am seriously looking at getting the companion 5 wood and take the 22 hybrid out of my bag that I struggle to do anything with lately. Plus its an excuse to buy a new club
  13. I'm with Plaid on this one, all this talk of 12 hole courses or competitions is just anathema to me. It seems that the game has beome all about the corporate buck and the pro's making exhorbitant amounts of money. I was reading an article on the Asian Tours written by an anonymous Australian Pro who was saying it has become a win at all costs game and cheating has become rife in the game. Makes me sad to think all those qualities that my dad taught me that golf was about are becoming a thing of the past in the name of the dollar. Having said that I don't mind discounted golf gear. But that's all a bit morbid, glad it worked out Zinger and you didn't get slapped in the face by a dick! Holy crap I'm glad I didn't have a mouth full of coffee or something when I read that post. I think a new lap top would have been needed.
  14. Know what you mean about the bummed out factor and my main reason for posting the thread in the first place was to inspire people to look after themselves and above all be vigilant when it came to their health. I was lucky I was keeping an eye out and doubly lucky my wife is a health professional. Thanks for all the good wishes as well guys hopefully I'll have some good golf to talk about soon too.
  15. Well the last 10 days for me have been interesting to say the least. The day after I started this thread I was playing in my club's "Senior Open". It was a shotgun start around midday and whilst it wasn't hot weather wise it wasn't cold either. The wind was cool and the further into the front nine we progressed the colder I felt. We played out the 9th hole and I said to my playing partners I was heading to the pro shop to buy a sweater I felt so cold and they nodded and agreed it was getting cooler and we headed off to the back nine. The sweater made a difference but again as the temperature dropped the more I was shivering but didn't feel that bad, just cold. We played the 17th and I informed them I was heading straight home once we were finished because I had started by this stage to feel not so good. My right leg felt like I had torn something and my ankle was on fire. I got home and asked my beloved to make a cup of tea and I lay on the couch. In the time it took for her to make the tea and bring it to me I had laspsed into unconciousness/sleep and woke up about 12.30am. Had a fever etc. Hit the doctors surgery the next day and just spent the last 7 days on IV antibiotics. It turned out to be cellulitis in my right leg which is an infection that occurs under the shin of any given appendage. It enters via a break in the skin and takes hold and if not controlled can result in septecemia and death or amputation. Thankfully we got it in time but it sure was "another" wake up call health wise for me. My sugars are now great and I'm getting almost normal readings, almost given up the death sticks (smokes) and am generally feeling much better over all. For me again it was a case of not really appreciating what I had until it was gone. Now just got to get back on the course. Not rushing it though, don't want to wind up back in hospital.
  16. How about Clemson beating Notre Dame! Go the Tigers!
  17. I'm conscious of not wanting to tell you all how to suck eggs but I thought I was in a bit of an emotional slump recently and was feeling so poorly about my game I even struggled to get enthusiastic about anything golf related. It is kind of interesting how it all developed and I hope by sharing my little story it may help others and will explain my absence from the boards recently. I am diabetic along with all my other injuries and about 4 weeks ago the Doc put me on a medication to lower my average sugar levels which had been a little high. I thought nothing of it and took it trusting it to work in the back ground and all would be good. Bit by bit I started losing energy, everything started to hurt more than usual, sleep or should I say what sleep and my general sense of well being just disappeared. I felt depressed and thought I was dying, it was that bad. and my game was in the toilet. The crazy thing was it never occurred to me that it was the medication that was making me so sick. At the same time I was trying to be up beat and convince myself that it was a temporary funk and things would get better and even thought I should get some lessons it was that bad. We trust our health professionals to do the right thing by us and they do for the most part. And there is much criticism about internet health advice but after this experience I will be researching everything that I stick in my mouth that is prescribed in lieu of no warnings about side effects or risks with medications. Thankfully things did get better, about a week and a half later after I stopped taking the crap that the doc had put me on. It was basically poisoning me and the difference in the way I felt after it got out of my system was incredible. It's been two weeks now and I found a natural alternative that does the same thing as the chemical and I shot a 78 today. I felt about 90% health wise so there is still room for improvement but a 6 over the card only feeling 90% sure put a smile on my face and I enjoyed it too. It has been a real eye opener for me and how important my health is if I want to play good golf as well as not be an empty uniform in daily life.
  18. Welcome to the forums and good luck with your business. If I ever see them in Australia I'll certainly have a look.
  19. Thanks for that mate, comments like that warm my heart. I think we all could use a little heart warming now and then
  20. Welcome to the forums Paul hope you enjoy yourself and I look forward to reading your posts.
  21. I would kill to be able to walk 18 holes again. I need both knees replaced thanks to running with boots, weapons and pack over the years and my back and hips aren't real flash either so its the cart for this black duck!
  22. If I could get Snell's here in Oz...I would probably be a Snell player but I can't so For me its Titleist V1x or Srixon Z Star.
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