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  1. Have been using ER5 it is terrific
  2. Steve Highland Beach/Florida SNELL MTB Black No experience with Top Flight balls
  3. Steve, Highland Beach, FL Handicap 18 Current Model Wedge Played CBx2 Like the look
  4. Steven, Highland Beach, FL, USA Evnroll ER7 Floki
  5. Steve/Highland Beach FL. Currently use CBX2 54degree and58 54
  6. Steven Terk, Highland Beach,FL Practice 5 ties a week for 5 minutes each time I normally have 2 or 3 three putts per round I would enjoy opportunity practice at home with immediate feedback
  7. Steve/ Highland Beach, FL Current Driver XXIO Prime 10.5 Swing Speed 85
  8. Steve Terk Highland Beach FL Brown Sharpie Snell MXB Blue Line SMT
  9. Steve FL Evnroll E7 Frontline Elevado Single Bend 35" CLEVELAND PUTTERS
  10. Steve/ FL Handicap 17 Current Irons XXIO X Series Carry Distance 7 iron-130
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