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  1. Chris Raesz Denton TX Buzzelli custom Impact no. 1
  2. Chris R (53) Dallas TX Second shot.... totally inconsistent with irons, sometimes thin, sometimes fat, sometimes pured [which generally then flies the green because i do it so rarely]
  3. The Hogan line is something that needed to be recreated. I've admired their clubs for quite some time, but never played them. I play blades because I want the feedback [not because my game is that good - but when you hit one pure --- butter]. Based on what they seem to have created, it looks like a good replacement for my irons. I would love to take them out for a test drive. It seems that they are being purests to the Hogan tradition of perfection. And they are in my neck of the woods.... love it that they came back to Texas to start production again.
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