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  1. Steve



    Ping i210/DG 120 S 300



    Recently fitted into the i210s and have played about 6 rounds with them, but Ping's nFlight Web suggested the i500s.  I am getting older, so the distance may be the better choice.  Would love to put my i210s against i500s for an extended and detailed comparison to see which would become the gamers.


    Thanks for all you do to make us more informed and knowledgeable golfers!

  2. Steve/Indiana


    Ping S56/4 - PW


    I just ordered i210s 5 - GW to replace the S56s.


    This opportunity is custom made for me.  I just retired a few weeks ago and have the time to dedicate.  My first set of irons was the Ben Hogan Apex II.  I still regret trading them in, I remember them as the best feeling irons I have ever played.  I have tried many since that first set.

  3. Steve from Indiana


    Driver: Callaway Epic 10.5 degree

    3 Metal: Callaway Big Bertha 15 degree

    Hybrid: Nickent 3DX Ironwood DC 20 degree

    Irons: Callaway XR Pros

    Wedges: Callaway Mack Daddy Forged 56 and 60

    Putter: Odyssey White Hot Pro 7


    Index: 8


    Since I am retiring the end of May, I will have time to play, practice, second guess equipment and reduce my handicap to at least a 3, which is one stroke lower than my previous low of 4.  I have not had time to practice the last several seasons, but that all changes for 2018.  I will also have plenty of time to keep everyone informed of my progress even if that means another social media account.  I definitely appreciate data, I am a retiring IT professional.


    Keep up the great work done at MyGolfSpy! 

  4. I am using a GBB DBD, but have always thought that my Razr Fit was as good or better.  They just had to change hosel adapter, to prevent me doing a comparison with the same shaft.  Really interested in any testing that compares those two heads, even through the GBB non DBD.

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  5. I am 62 and have used graphite iron shafts before.  I have also found by going through fittings twice in the last 4 years that steel works better for me.  I tend to end up with very similar results in steel shafts in the 100 to 115 gram range.  I do also note higher swing speed and distance with steel shafts in the lower end of that weight with little difference in dispersion. I have tried Recoils and a few others, but they never quite made it into the bag.


    I generally extend these fittings by renting a launch monitor bay once or twice a week to verify the results.  This last fitting I tested the results 4 or 5 times before committing to the TT XP 105.


    Short answer is steel has worked better for me the last two times I changed irons. 

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  6. I have taken many lessons over the years and always end up wondering if I am swinging too flat or upright.  It seems I make better contact and hit longer shots when I swing on a plane that feels flat, but I am much more accurate with mid and short irons when I am swinging what feels more upright, but contact suffers.  I generally practice indoors on a simulator during the Winter, but have never had a feedback device for plane. Would be interesting if it can solve my dilemma?  

  7. Steve Cameron


    Index: 5.7

    40 - 60 rounds per year


    I used to buy balls at big box stores, like Meijers or Dunhams sports as well from golf shops.


    But I have already purchased 10 dozen of the Snells this year.  No, I don't loose that many balls:).  I have given 4 dozen away and still have about 5 dozen left.  I have already converted several golfers from traditional brand names and would be happy to do more testing.

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