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  1. Fortune 70-year old golfer to have some unique highlights and goal posts. Received first club at age 5 (Patty Burke #5w w/bamboo shaft & leather grip) and progressed to state of art equipment. Current carry 9.0 handicap (not playing very often) while working as an assistant professional and clubmaker at a local country club. I have had the opportunity to learn more about the game from some of the better names in golf and believe my experience and training allows me to provide other golfers I see with the best knowledge available. Thanks to MySpyGolf I have a backup for information that most would see an anecdotal.
  2. - Douglas, Texas - 3w Golf Logics / AXE Excaliber / S-Flex - 4w Tour Edge Excotics / AXE Excaliber / S-Flex - Lofts 13* & 18* I would like to be considered as a possible tester for Tour Edge Excotic fairway woods.
  3. Dougas Young, Midlothian, TX Handicap 7.8 index (latest) Game Golf, SkyCaddie, Garmin and Hardcopy conversion of Launch Monitor Information. Dr: TM R-1 w/Excaibur 80g (Stiff) 3w: CT-250 3 (Stiff) Hy: Swing Science 200 w/Exalibur Hyb Irons: Hogan FW15 (KBS Tour 90 Stiff) Wedges: Hogan TK15 (KBS Tour 90 Stiff) Putter: Evnroll ER-2
  4. Have you purchased any golf products based on MyGolfSpy reviews? (Please list which ones.) Yes… Evnroll putters and Carbon Putters How has MyGolfSpy changed the way you think about golf equipment? No… However, it has confirmed what process and decisions I am making about equipment Have these purchases lowered your scores? (List which products and how much they have lowered your scores.) Yes, I have lower scores… The new putters have improved the stats by helping stay closer on line. How have these purchases helped you enjoy the game more? How? Though lowering scores it has been more in the line of closing the deviation from highs and lows in the submitted rounds for index. This has improved my hopefulness at shooting my age in the very near future. The prospect if hitting it next year vs. 3-4 years in the future make the game more enjoyable.
  5. Name is Douglas from Midlothian, TX Handicap 7.5 Comfortably hit 4-iron (Hogan FT15 23*)​
  6. Douglas Young, Midlothian, Texas Currently using Ping Karsten 1959 model Seriously interested in testing this Ringo Model... I have been interested since the publication of the blade putter testing report earlier this year. Believe from testing results that this produce would be a serious improvement in my bag to go along with my upgraded of irons and wedges (Hogan FW15 irons and TW15 wedges). Sign me up for the lottery of testers.
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