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  1. And, you’re modest too!
  2. Winn Dry Tec - soft, durable enough, and fantastic in the rain!
  3. Harbor Town of course! You pay a lot to get there, stay there, and play there. You are gonna let a couple $100 keep you off a tour course? That’s like spending money to travel to St. Andrews and playing “Glen Younkin!” For the rest of your life you’re gonna be telling golfing acquaintances that you played golf at Hilton Head and they will excitedly ask “how was Harbor Town?” To which you will respond “Oh, I actually played Boat Dock Kay, just off the island before you get to the bridge.” The table, collectively “Uh, could we get another round?”
  4. Very disappointed in MGS. If you are going to call someone out at least have the courage to identify yourself. I respect Rick’s opinions but they would not preclude my trying something out for myself. These “everyone had speed gains” statements don’t mean much to me either. I do not believe any of your staffers hit the ball as poorly as I do. “Your results may differ!” Rick could have said “contrary to the OEM whores over at MGS, I saw no gains at all, don’t waste your money!” But he did not say that. Good for him.
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