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  1. 1. Brad - Texas 2. 6.0; 101mph 3. Ping G400; Rogue 125 MSI Stiff 4. Epic Flash
  2. 1. Brad - McKinney, TX 2. 4 handicap 3. Dream bag of Cleveland gear: Launcher HB Driver (I still think my old Cleveland Launcher drivers were the longest I ever played... Although maybe it's because I was in my early 20's back then! Happy to see the Launcher line back and looking good.) Launcher HB 5W (sorry, can never replace my trusty cobra amp cell 3W...); Launcher HB 4Hybrid, Launcher CBX 5-9 iron, Cleveland CBX 46, 50, 54, 58; TFI 2135 Satin - Elevado CB, O/S Grip. Yes, please!
  3. New MyGolfSpy member, but seasoned club reviewer. Would love to participate! Specs attached. Handicap: 6 What the Hogan name means to me: Growing up in Texas and being a golfer for 25+ years, Hogan has always been a legend. His blue collar approach/commitment to the golf game is legenday. His comeback from injury story is awe-insipiring, and one for today's pros to aspire to. Equipment wise, it's good to see Ben Hogan back, and the SCOR team (another Texas company committed to excellence) leading the way makes total sense. I played Hogan Edge irons for a period of time (I
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