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  1. I often say "looked good in the air" when my playing partners hit a putt that jumps and bounces on rough bumpy greens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Made a rack to keep them and space to add more.
  3. I didn't list drivers, fairways, wedges and putters either [emoji10] Drivers Cobra BiO Cell+ Cobra Persimmon 2w TRPX D013 TM SLDR 460 TM Jetspeed Titleist 910 D3 Titleist 975D Titleist Persimmon X2 Callaway BB originals Callaway ERC II not legal now Fairways Ping G2 3w Cobra BiO Cell+ 3w Cobra Persimmon 3,4&5w Titleist 910f 3w & 5w Titleist 975f 5w Titleist Persimmon 3w Callaway BB Warbird 3w Wedges RomaRo Alcobaca 50, 56 Cleveland 900 series 48, 54, 60 Callaway BB Tour 60 Putters X2 SeeMore Si3 Odessey Dual Force Rossie II Odyssey 2ball Ping Answer 4 Wilson 8802 Tommy Armour Zapp Kappa Bridgestone Super Whopper II Diawa blade Shark MK Golf Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Short answer yes [emoji3] 10 sets of irons Ping Eye 2+ BeCu Callaway S2H2 Cobra Tour Model II Cobra Mild Steel Cobra Amp Cell Pro Titleist Tour Model 1985 Titleist DCI 962 Titleist DCI 990 Titleist 710 MB Titleist 712 AP2 Titleist 690 MB heads incoming
  5. Prices are only high if your comparing it to the mass produced big brands. For JDM gear Tourspec's prices are very good. Whether you like/except it or not, JDM is a whole different world of golf equipment. What you will find is the build and finish quality is usually to a much higher standard. I've bought a number of things through them and there service has been outstanding. Delivery times have been no slower than gear I've bought from the USA.
  6. Big SeeMore fan here, best putter I have used in 30yrs playing the game. Was using an Odessey 2Ball at the time and putting ok with it but centre shaft putters kept catching my eye. Stumbled across a SeeMore Si3 model online that I really liked the look of. Went for a hunt around in the local golf stores and no one carried the SeeMore range apart from the odd stand alone model. With no Si3's to roll and see how it sits the excitement was lost a little. While looking for the SeeMore my eye was caught by the Scotty GoloS. Really liked the look and feel. At that same time I got onto a very good deal on a GoloS locally that was a lot less than it was going to cost to get a Si3 shipped. Gamed the GoloS for 6 months but wasn't wowed by the results. Loved the look and feel but struggled to get comfortable with the alignment on 4-10 foot rage. Was missing more than my fair share compared to what I was used to. I even re-did the sight line paint fill in white in place of the black. During this frustration I kept seeing the SeeMore Si3 as if it was calling me. After 4 months of perseverance with the GoloS I got the local Pro to order me a SeeMore Si3 in the specs for me after I'd done the tests/checks the have listed on the website. The plan was to have it for a few weeks before club champs. It took longer than expected to arrive and only arrived 4 days before the first round of champs. With no time to get out to the course before champs I had a big decision to game or not to game. Rolled a heap on the carpet and was very happy with the way it sat and the sight lines in the back of the putter. Took the punt and gamed it in the first round and so glad I did. 25 putts and 1under off the stick for a PB. 30 in the second for 7 over and 23 in the third for 1 over was enough to suggest I was on a real winner. 2 years later I'm still gaming the Si3 and seeing regular rounds sub 30 putts and mid 20's. The RST alignment is an interesting thing and is a good checking point for me to confirm my alignment a posture is not slipping. I'm surprised to read the above negative comments. I know they clearly state that the RST does not work if you have a forward press which many golfers do.
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